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Constant disconnecting from WiFi

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Methos1979, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So, this is a new thing for me: For the last couple of days my GN3 has been constantly disconnecting and reconnecting from the WiFi. Actually, the WiFi option on the phone itself shuts off and then turns back on. Anyone else noticing this all of the sudden?

    I'm trying to troubleshoot to see if it's the phone, the WiFi, an update or new app or something. Very annoying. Was Skyping with a relative today and kept losing the connection.

    Figured I'd check it out here. I know I've seen others with this issue in the past but there's nothing in recent posts so thought I'd throw it up there. On Kit Kat now but have been for a while.

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  2. xaelith

    xaelith Android Enthusiast

    There's an option on the phone (and I forget at the moment where it is), but it allows the phone to turn signals on and off as it sees fit. If sounds as though this is running haywire. It's supposed to switch to whichever data signal (wifi or 3g/4g) gives you the fastest, most stable connection, and if neither fit well enough inside its parameters, it might do as you're seeing and flip-flop constantly back and forth.

    Here are some things to try:

    1. Turn the phone off for a few seconds then back on. If the problem continues,

    2. Reset the router, if you have access to it (could be that something close by is causing the router's wifi to be flaky).

    3. Turn that option off and switch to your preferred data signal. (After I post, I'll come back and edit to show where the option is hiding) EDIT: Settings > Connections > More networks > Mobile networks > Connections optimizer

    Cheers :)
  3. johnpjackson

    johnpjackson Android Enthusiast

    Wow. When I go to that settings screen, it's missing 'Connections optimizer'. Thanks a lot, VZW...
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    I don't have that option either and I am on VZW. Just try turning off your data that way the device doesn't keep switching thinking that the data connection is better.
  5. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles

    It's not on the AT&T version either. Try Settings>Connections>Wifi, the hit the menu key and select Advanced. Turn off Auto Network switch. I believe that does the same thing (and hopefully the verizon version has the same as AT&T in this case).
  6. Methos1979

    Methos1979 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The problem was not my phone but rather my cable modem was having some sort of issue. As I was researching after the post I noticed that I kept losing internet. Never did find out what exactly the problem was. Called the cable company and they walked me through testing and we determined that the cable modem was toast, but before I could get out to get a new one, it seemed to come back to life and has been stable. Go figure.

    So the GN3 continues to be mostly problem free for me and the best phone I've ever owned!! LOVE this phone!!

    But thanks for the tips and attempted help anyway!
  7. jajrussel

    jajrussel Member

    I had a similar problem, but it was months, and months ago. It started by telling me that my Wi-Fi signal was weak then ask if I wanted to turn the auto switching on so that I would be insured to have the best signal. (I am paraphrasing here).

    1st. There was nothing wrong with my signal it was at full bars.

    2nd. I am data conscious. This last thing I want is to have my phone automatically switch to my providers limited data plan.

    So, I told it no... And to make sure it didn't I turned the data off. The next thing I know my Wi-Fi is working fine one minute, and the next minute there is a message saying no data connection, turn your data connection on.

    None of the things you suggested worked, so I finally got fed up, and reset to factory. The problem went away... for a while.

    After about the third reset to factory I started turning off everything Verizon that I could turn off and made sure that every program I downloaded had to ask permission to update. It didn't really help, so one more reset to factory.

    The problem was gone. I am assuming that they finally decided too fix the problem. These toys are turning me into a conspiracy nut.
  8. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Extreme Android User

    I do agree its a problem with kitkat and WiFi . I got 2 new tablets and my money back for this . the person that was a helpful tech told me . some of the devices can't take kitkat one major reason was the WiFi keep crashing I can say I reset my tablet 6 or more times . still the same thing took to store showed them the said I replace it . 2nd time the company replaced now I got my money back . so keep this in mind some devices aren't made to hold kitkat yet still some testing and fixing til they get it correct .
  9. jajrussel

    jajrussel Member

    I am also beginning to believe that they are using some sort of time release for some of their update features, because some of the problems show up weeks after the update.

    I am assuming here that it is a testing method used to help narrow down problems when they occur.

    Yesterday, my phone and tablet went into slow motion mode. Chrome was not loading pages, not even search, yet I could switch to Google play and it worked fine.

    Google play is usually how I test my Wi-Fi connection when I am showing showing full bars and still not able to connect. No Google play means no connection.

    The Wi-Fi tends to disconnect me at random intervals requiring me to signin again. Usually this only requires turning off my wifi and then turning it back on. If that doesn't work then I have to reset the Wi-Fi router which is annoying in itself, but it has always been that way. Resetting the router always works.

    I finally went to chrome and forced it to stop on both devices. Now it is working fine on both devices.

    I also keep noticing other things that occur somewhat out of sync with updates.

    One was the way my contacts looked. It was different in that my list was more compact allowing more contacts on the screen. Not the best option for fat fingers. Still it worked and I made my call; then right in the middle of the call the phone just turned off, then turned itself back on. Mom swears that I hung up on her...

    When the phone came back on I recalled her and noticed that my contacts list was back to normal.

    Today I opened the contacts list and it is compact again, but made the call with no problems.

    I am assuming that they are using the phone more than I am in order to assure smoother transaction in the updates. I would prefer that they got it right before they updated, but Google has used this method for years, so why not everyone else?

    The problem that Google had with their update release method is that on occasion they managed to mess things up to the point that things would stop working and stay not working for a long while. Probably because they were jamming the whole update down the CPU's narrow gate at the same time, and were unable to figure out what the exact problem was in a timely fashion. I would promptly make the update go away.

    So, I am assuming, but don't really know, that they are installing the updates now with a time release feature which would help them to figure out what in the update is going to cause a problem.

    This method also tends to defuse me because I now have trouble associating the problem with the update because of the timing, and am not likely to make the update go away at the first sign of the problem.

    Or, it actually is a conspiracy, and all they really want to do is make their job easier by forcing me to conclude that it is time to buy new toys.

    Considering, the economy they might want to be glad that I have the toys I have, and make sure that I can use them for as long as possible. The computer has been packed away. If I ever get a new tablet it will be because that has its own very inexpensive unlimited data plan, and my new phone if I ever get one it will probably be around SG11.

    I am hoping that Hollywood eventually wises up and invests the money in that new tablet I am talking about, and stops forcing me to pay for their commercials, their programs, and the data required to watch them. I might just throw the phone away when they do, because I don't really need to talk on the phone. I just need to be able to communicate.
  10. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Android Expert

    One tablet and only at home will lose internet connectivity. The WiFi is connected but the little arrows never blink. Toggle it off then back on revives it but it will randomly drop the internet again and again. It's infuriating. Not sure exactly why it does this, just started it Monday evening. Problem is worse in Google apps and Chrome. Can't use play store.

    Play Store is completely dead on my Note 3. No matter what, perfect 4G LTE or Wi-Fi it says no connection retry. It will load up on 3g but 3g on a 4G phone literally performs like dialup. Did speed tests and 3g gives me anywhere from 14K to 56K speeds. If I wanted to wait all day to complete a 32MB download I'd go back to America Online.

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