Help Constant Update Message.


Hi there,

Forgive me but I have already searched this forum and googled other sites to provide an answer, but I am unable to find it.

My Samsung Galaxy S is working fine, it connects to Kies, updates Kies (or at least is says "Latest Version Installed." Kies Version 2.0.0.

My problem is that is says that a new Firmware is available from:

PDA:JM1 / Phone:JM1 / CSC:JM1 (XEU)



So I think, Great!, and I click the big shiny orange Firmware Upgrade button and it all runs fine, I get the usual window asking to save my number and click the "I read all the above info" check box.

The install takes place fine, but then when it detects my phone again, it says the exact same Firmware is available, and I just go around in circles, yet my phones version remains at 2.1.

I am in the UK.

Thank very much and any advice is appreciated.