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Constant vibrate on text message fail

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leszer, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. leszer

    leszer Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Is there some way to turn this off? At times when a text message fails to send (often sense I spend a lot of time in my basement) it will vibrate like crazy and I find it incredibly annoying.

    I'm using Handcent SMS but it was doing it before I went to this too. I don't need 17 vibrates to tell me it didn't send. lol

    Help is appreciated. Thanks.

    Oh yeah, phone is rooted if a fix requires that.

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  2. sharksfan7

    sharksfan7 Android Enthusiast

    I was just going to post the exact same question. I was one of the 1.4 million people in San Diego that lost electricity yesterday. When my texts failed to deliver, Handcent kept notifying me every minute, even after I acknowledged and deleted the undelivered message. Only way I could get it to stop was to force stop the app. I don't know if this was a Handcent issue or a messaging issue in general. Would love to find an answer to this.
  3. leszer

    leszer Lurker
    Thread Starter

    No one has an idea of how to turn this off?
  4. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Android Expert

    I use handcent and my failure notification sound is set to silent and i don't think I have noticed any vibrating
    Oh and in the stock text app my failure notification is unchecked
  5. sharksfan7

    sharksfan7 Android Enthusiast

    Mine is set up the same way. However, when my texts didn't go through, the phone would vibrate and there'd be a notification in the status bar. Even after I cleared it, the notification would reappear and the phone would vibrate within a minute.

    Haven't been able to find any info about this. I tried emailing Handcent about a different issue a couple of weeks ago and never got a response, so haven't bothered trying on this one.

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