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Constantly signaling position through (Google) Latitude without the mobile's internet connection

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by merciadriluca, Jun 28, 2010.

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    When doing `outside sport,' I would sometimes like my friends to see constantly (given a time interval) my position. This is possible, through (Google) Latitude. But it needs a GPS and an internet connection. The GPS is included in my HTC Desire, but as I'm using a prepaid card, I can't have internet cheaply by the mobile network. As I also have a WiFi adapter on this HTC Desire, I could use free (i.e. open & authorized) WiFi networks near my HTC Desire so that it automatically connects to the related access points, and send my position. That's nice, but if, say, I'm biking, I'll disappear from the access point's range in something like ~15 sec. max. That is, my HTC Desire won't have that much time to connect to it, and to send data.

    Is there a program which aims at automatically making these connections when you're at high speed? Or do you have another solution?



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