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[Constantly Updated] L70 model d325f8 (Questions, clarifications and assistance)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chris06, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. chris06

    chris06 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello , well I decided to organize this topic, because I was feeling the need for it to be done.

    I felt the need to create this topic to answer most questions of staff who have this device, " L70 D325F8 " . And I hope that this idea can work. I'm leaving some tutorials and information that I know will be useful.


    Home Custom Rom: CYANOGENMOD 13.0 ( Unstable ) ( In progress )


    Bugs and Correction:
    • [ Question Fix Camera ]: Well, I'm tired of always seeing the same questions regarding the camera of the device model d325f8.

      And so I decided to leave some information to ta avoiding unnecessary questions concerning some things have been clarified here in the forum in various posts with the specific category of L70 .

      For those who are always asking about the camera 's l70 d325f8 CM 13 , I will leave out some clarification it will reduce the amount of questions about it .

      Just wanted deiar my immense satisfaction: I am very glad that the folks at CyanogenMod made by device model d325f8 .
    Upcoming Updates Important :

    IMPORTANT: And just making it clear to users that have this model , or to others. Is that the cm 13 is in the process of adaptation and bug fixes, ie if if some function is not working properly after some new update , do not worry, just wait , because the CyanogenMod is working to leave the stable CM13 in almost all devices .


    Root L70 D325F8
    TWRP Version

    Drivers for the device l70d325f8

    Useful links

    Page with all updates to the CM13 D325F8 model : https://download.cyanogenmod.org/?device=w5
    Last Updated : https://download.cyanogenmod.org/get/jenkins/146991/cm-13.0-20160130-NIGHTLY-w5.zip
    Logs of all updates : http://www.cmxlog.com/13/w5/

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  2. This should be way up. Good idea to avoid requests for camera fix on every page :)
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  3. karthick1997

    karthick1997 Newbie

    pc runs into error and restarts when phone is connected in debugging mode ...
  4. Mg977

    Mg977 Well-Known Member

    if we open a thread that will stop asking each page blissful camera, it is that they are not the solution and that sometimes go on and on
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  5. chris06

    chris06 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello friend , it seems this bug has been fixed in one of the updates that released cyanogmod ;)
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  6. karthick1997

    karthick1997 Newbie

    thanx for the info ..
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  7. BrenoSlim

    BrenoSlim Newbie

    I don't understand very well sorry, is the back camera fixed or not?
  8. karthick1997

    karthick1997 Newbie

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  9. chris06

    chris06 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So , as I said . Only problem found are small spots on the camera , you might think she's dirty or anything , but the problem is the custom rom . I believe that in a few days it settles along with some bugs cited in the topic.
  10. BrenoSlim

    BrenoSlim Newbie

    Do U have sure?
  11. Farmangx

    Farmangx Newbie

    Work the camera in the f8 device, the only problem is mentioned in the post
  12. karthick1997

    karthick1997 Newbie

  13. ClauvanPdST

    ClauvanPdST Well-Known Member

    Eu esperava a muito tempo por isso... então... estou de volta!
    Não testei ainda, mas testarei dentro de pouco tempo. Estou aguardando a resolução de alguns pequenos bugs...
    Muito grato a vocês, galera!

    I waited a long time for it... so... I'm back!
    And close to accompany the development. I not yet tested, but will test shortly. I'm waiting for the resolution of some minor bugs...
    Very grateful to you, guys!

    LG L70 D325f8 pt-BR
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  14. ClauvanPdST

    ClauvanPdST Well-Known Member

    ID: Lg L70 d325f8.
    TWRP 2016-01-20.
    I've been testing the CM13 Nightly build 2016-02-05, with opengapps nano 2016-02-06, Beta supersu 2.67 since yesterday.
    front and rear camera running smoothly, with or without HDR.
    There is a problem with the frequency resolution of the screen (refresh rate)... It seems that the image multiplies, overlaps and vibrates sporadically. But just turn off the screen and on again via the power button. I experienced to take a screenshot at the time it happened vibration. I turned off the screen, I called and checked the image. The photo image was normal, with no vibration.

    I believe characterizes video driver problem, but do not know how to express this kind of hardware configuration problem on mobile devices. Draw their conclusions.

    Dual SIM working perfectly;

    The audio capture sensitivity is too low. Must be why the audio recorder, Google Now, and perhaps other apps, do not respond to normal tone of voice. You need to talk too loud!

    The speed jump, fluidity, and resources is so great that ensures that no back using the Stock ROM Android 4.4.2 KK.
    It is highly recommended migration to the CM13 after 2016-02-05.
    Note: with each update it should be noted the release of new versions of Recovery, the Super Su, among other essential for flashing your ROM.

    Grateful for the attention!

    Para os usuários, de idioma nativo português.

    ID: Lg L70 d325f8.
    TWRP 2870 2016-01-20.
    Venho testando a CM13 Nightly build 2016-02-05, com opengapps nano 2016-02-06, Beta supersu 2.67, desde ontem.
    Câmera frontal e traseira funcionando perfeitamente, sem ou com HDR.
    Há um problema com a frequência de resolução da tela (refresh rate)... Parece que a imagem se multiplica, se sobrepõe e vibra esporadicamente. Mas basta desligar a tela e ligar novamente, por meio do botão de ligar. Fiz a experiência de tirar um screenshot no momento em que acontecia a vibração. Desliguei a tela, liguei, e conferi, a imagem. A imagem da foto estava normal, sem vibração. Acredito que caracteriza problema driver de video, porém não sei como expressar este tipo de problema de configuração de hardware, em dispositivos móveis. Tirem as suas conclusões.

    Dual SIM funcionando perfeitamente;
    A sensibilidade de captação de áudio está muito baixa. Deve ser por isso que o Gravador de áudio, o Google Now, e talvez, outros apps, não respondem ao tom de voz normal. Você precisa falar muito alto!

    O salto de velocidade, fluidez, e recursos é tão grande que garante que não voltarei a utilizar a Stock ROM Android KK 4.4.2.

    É altamente recomendada, a migração para a CM13 após 2016-02-05.

    Obs: a cada atualização deve-se observar o lançamento de novas versões da Recovery, do Super Su, entre outros essenciais para flashear sua ROM.

    Grato pela atenção!
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  15. leanderson28

    leanderson28 Well-Known Member

    I have the Nightly 02/06/2016 . I still have problems with the camera , the white stripes are still . It is the only " encomodo " in my opinion
  16. ClauvanPdST

    ClauvanPdST Well-Known Member

    Like this?
    "Deste jeito?"




    The problem remains the Nightly version 2016-02-09.
    "O problema continua na versão Nightly 2016-02-09."

    Agree with you. It's annoying ... A big nuisance!
    "Concordo contigo. É irritante... Um grande incômodo!"

    But the camera did not work. This is already a good step!
    "Mas a câmera nem funcionava. Este, já é um bom passo!"

    The refrash rate, too. But less often.
    O refrash rate, também. Mas com menos frequência.

    The sound is better! Sometimes the sensitivity of capture, failure! The problem was best observed in audio records through WhatsApp.
    "O som está melhor! Às vezes, a sensibilidade de captação, falha! O problema foi melhor observado, nos registros de audio, através do WhatsApp."

    The WhatsApp Web, has a problem accessing the camera to scan the QR code. Still, he reads the code correctly. Follows the image:
    O WhatsApp Web, possui um problema ao acessar a câmera para ler o QR code. Mesmo assim, ele faz a leitura do código corretamente. Segue a imagem:


    Grateful for the attention!
    Grato pela atenção!
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  17. leanderson28

    leanderson28 Well-Known Member

  18. ClauvanPdST

    ClauvanPdST Well-Known Member

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