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Construction Calculator?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by SocaLand, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. SocaLand

    SocaLand Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ahoy developers,
    I have a BB Storm, but no construction calculator app is not available for the BB OS. Is there one for Android?

    There is a product called Inchcalc for the iPhone inchCALC iphone application
    and of course the real thing by Construction Master Pro with Construction Master LT - Calculated Industries

    I contacted inchcalc and a few other small developers about making a BB version as there were several people on the forums asking for it. Inchcalc's response was that "we feel the Apple OS is the future and are focused on that platform..."

    At any rate, I'm CERTAIN that I will be moving to an Android phone. (and smashing my Storm with hammer to create an art piece--I'll call it frustration in 3D)
    Having a construction calculator app on the phone would mean one less device to carry around.

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  2. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    ... wow.

    I wouldn't even think of trying to deny how big the iPhone is, but for a software company to be so shortsighted is just astounding. Especially one that's making software for the construction industry. I suppose I really don't know, but I can't imagine that the standard smartphone for said industry is the iPhone... wow. How much do you want to bet that their CEO or someone near the top is a diehard fanboy?
  3. sestamey

    sestamey Guest

    I just downloaded a program called FeetCalc which, from what I can tell, is the only thing remotely like a construction calculator on the Market. I check engineering drawings in my current job and need a calculator for performing basic arithmetic (+,-,*,/) on feet, inches, fraction and decimal inches. From what I can tell this will only handle the basic math, fractions to the 16th only, and no decimal. Of course, so far I haven't been able to do any calculations and there is no help or settings that I can find. I'll keep trying but so far it looks like a flop, and a wasted $0.99.

    If anyone has had any luck with FeetCalc, or has found a better construction calculator, I need one desperately!

    EDIT: I've played a little more and finally gotten FeetCalc to work. There is no capability for multiplying feet-inch * feet-inch to get area, volume, etc. I also had one incidence of two distances being added when I clearly selected the subtract operator and it was shown as such (i.e. 18 - 2 = 20!!!). The UI is poor, and entering a distance takes too long. It needs a numeric keypad with dedicated buttons for inches and feet, also needs the ability to calculate area, volume, etc. and also to enter decimal feet/inches, any fraction, and convert back/forth. I doubt I will use this $.99 application very much and will probably uninstall as soon as a better one is on the market. I paid $10 or so for a good one for my Palm many years ago and really miss that one...
  4. polyclef

    polyclef Newbie

    I'm the developer of FeetCalc. I apologize for the poor first implementation, but I've since revamped the app to answer at least some of the requests/issues mentioned here.

    The app should now accurately:

    **Add and subtract lengths in feet/inches/sixteenths
    **Multiply a length by number of pieces
    **Multiply length by length for square footage
    **Multiply length by length by length for cubic footage
    **Divide length by number of pieces
    **Divide length by length to get number of pieces
    **Convert feet/inches/sixteenths to inches
    **Convert inches/sixteenths to feet/inches/sixteenths

    It still doesn't handle fractions smaller than sixteenths or decimals; we'll see about doing this in a future update. As for an on-screen keyboard, that takes up a lot of on-screen real estate, and we decided to go with a larger output screen instead of the one-line output of most calculators. If there is enough feedback requesting it, we'll go to a single-line readout and add in a hard-coded soft keyboard.

    Hope you give the app another chance and keep providing us with feedback so we can make it better.
  5. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Android Expert

    Can I just ask, what on earth is a "Construction Calculator", and how's it different from a regular (math, I guess) calculator? :thinking: The points that polyclef mentions seem rather straightforward math functions...

    I have a suspicion that something like this is necessary when dealing with your weird (;)) units of measure, because they don't add up evenly?
  6. kettigm

    kettigm Newbie

    This is a construction calculator. What they are looking for is an app to perform the same functions.

    Construction Master Pro - Calculated Industries
  7. Jay-Eff

    Jay-Eff Well-Known Member

  8. statikjack

    statikjack Newbie

    i'd love a decent construction calc too.
    i have come across some fairly specific calcs on the market (ie: concrete calc, drywall calc, etc.) not sure if i have those names accurate, but they are all separate apps.

    I didn't feel like having 6 calcs for each of these aspects, so waiting for the right app - in the meatime still using my separate calculator i keep in my truck.

    Calculator developers unite and combine your awesome powers to call forth...O-Mega-Calc! (or perhaps something a bit less dramatic but equally impressive?? thanks) :)
  9. DiverDown

    DiverDown Lurker

    I'd love to have one for electrical...conduit bending, ampacity tables, motor HP to wire size (including length of run). That would make life easier than carrying an Ugly's book around everywhere

  10. Alonski

    Alonski Newbie

    Hmm might be an interesting first app for me. If anyone wants to help me by PMing me the features that a construction calculator must have then that would be helpful.
  11. sestamey

    sestamey Guest

    I got the update and have used it briefly. I will say that this was a great improvement, thank you VERY much. The display seems easier to use and the added functions make this app useful for what I need. I would still like to see the option of entering decimal feet/inches, and custom fractions (although 16ths are good enough for 95% of what I do).

    Thanks for listening and considering this feedback. I'll say this app is well worth the $.99 now and has potential to be even better if more people start using and offering feedback based on different uses.
  12. I wrote an Android app for exactly this purpose. It is called RationalCalc. You can find it at http://rationalcalc.com

    It is a length calculator and does fractions, automatic conversions between metric and imperial units and can provide results in both decimal and fractions.

    I build lots of stuff, own a Droid and work as a programmer -- nobody had created the construction calculator that I wanted yet, so I did.

    It's not perfect but it's really good. You should check it out.

    There is a free version -- and if you like it, you can buy the paid version which removes the ads and gives you a little more screen real estate.

    Once you try it out, leave a comment on http://rationalcalc.com and let me know what you like and what you don't.
  13. Henry7620

    Henry7620 Lurker

    This sounds like a program I could use. Problem is I have searched for it on Android Market and scanned in the QR code and I am not able to find the program.:(:thinking:

    So, what do I do now, I gues I just need to use my Construction Master. I just hate it when I have a great device like the HTC Hero and can not use it.

  14. Super Noob

    Super Noob Well-Known Member

    Sidetop makes a good construction app and is great for estimating projects. I used some of the separate calculators when they were free and before they were put into one construction app.

    For example, with the drywall calculator, you enter the square feet and panel size and it will calculate:
    How many drywall panels
    How much joint compound
    How many drywall screws or nails
    How many feet of joint tape
    How much primer

    And a few other things, but you can see that this is a construction calculator and not a simple conversion calculator. It has a simple black and white interface, and if you want something that is flashy and has pretty colors, then its not for you.

    Handy Construction Calculators - Android app on AppBrain
  15. ari-free

    ari-free Android Expert

    CEO? The entire company is probably just one guy who made an app. No FAQ, no forum for support. Just an email link.
  16. mhoepfin

    mhoepfin Newbie

    Super Noob,
    Thanks for mentioning my app! I am the developer of Handy Construction Calculators. It's up to 24 calculators now, including rafters, stairs, roofing, concrete forms, flooring, tile, paint, squaring, etc. As Super Noob mentioned, it more of an estimation/calculation app rather than just a conversion calculator. And I prefer a simple straightforward interface to crazy colors and backgrounds, so it's easy to use and see :)

    I'll be adding a ft/in calculator soon (I have it in the Palm Pre version, just haven't had a chance to port it to the Android version yet).

    Also, for you guys with outdoor projects, I have an app called Landscape and Garden Calculators that does grass seed, sod, fertilizer, ponds, wood fencing, plantings, aggregates, etc.

    Give them a try, and if there's a calculator you'd like to see in either that's not there now, please let me know.

  17. Super Noob

    Super Noob Well-Known Member

    Your app has mostly high ratings, so you're obviously doing something right ;)

    Here is an idea you might want to consider: a fence estimator. We had a few people give us estimates for our house, and they took between 25 minutes to an hour to give us a price. They priced wood fencing and chain link fencing at 4ft and 5ft heights.

    Basically they measured the lengths, then figured out how many 8 ft sections, posts, rails, bags of concrete, etc. They also asked if we wanted a gate and how big we wanted it.

    This is a general idea, but it's only for wood and doesn't give you much options (such as gap spacing): Wood Fence Material/Cost Estimator

    I typically do construction estimations in excel, but having them in an Android app would make them easily accessible since I carry my Evo everywhere.
  18. mhoepfin

    mhoepfin Newbie

    Hi Super Noob,
    I have a fence Estimator in my Landscape & Garden Calculators app. This app is more for outdoor projects, and also does Pavers, Ponds, Sod, Grass Seed, Fertilizer, Plant Spacing, Aggregate, etc.
  19. I wanted to let everyone know that I've released a new version of RationalCalc with Foot / Inch mode.

    RationalCalc can be put into Foot / Inch mode by touching Settings, Display Unit, Foot/Inch.

    At that point, any calculations that you enter, regardless of Imperial or Metric units will be displayed in Foot / Inch format.

    Remember to set your desired precision so you're getting the results you want. For instance, a carpenter might want to set the precision to 1/16th or 1/32nd.

    If you have questions about RationalCalc, feel free to ask at http://rationalcalc.com

    Snoffleware Studios LLC
  20. ci-pd

    ci-pd Lurker

  21. Smcvail

    Smcvail Lurker

    It's about time Construction Master came to android. Got it downloaded. Looks good. Just like the real thing only it is always with me. I had it on a windows mobile phone and liked it there too. But they wanted like $60 for that version. This one is $20 and very much worth it.
  22. Cool, I'm glad Calculated Industries has released the Construction Master calculator for Android, it's always good to get more tools on the Android platform!

    If you mostly use the Construction Master for calculating length, you should still give RationalCalc a whirl.

    It's free...you don't have much to lose!

    Snoffleware Studios LLC
  23. itisjustme

    itisjustme Member

    I think there are several here including myself who would like to try out RationalCalc but the QR codes on your website are invalid and we can not download a copy.
  24. I double-checked the QR codes and they are working correctly as far as I can tell. RationalCalc requires Android 1.6 or higher. If you don't have a device that meets those requirements, it won't show up in the market.

    If you want, you can just search for RationalCalc in the market and it should pop right up.

    Snoffleware Studios LLC

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