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ICQ? Google Talk? Are those even things now?

We need custom fields so we can designate URLs of alternate social media platforms, like MeWe or Gab, and our usernames on those platforms. Keep FB & Twitter if you feel you must - but there are a slew of new platforms out there. Users should be able to define their own URLs to their profiles there.

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Milo Williamson

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No kidding Chief, I took out my ICQ account and just waited for those lost messages, hell I barely got a nibble on them these days..
Yeah we need a huge social networking site without the pros and cons of FB, and of any other site that is out there, I tried to jump into a different one, but my log in said "Sorry you cannot come in anymore", so I kind of wonder what did happen with that lemonade stand, even of discord, I just tried to log in but somehow the other security code did not apply to their liking, even though that was really fresh key to enter.


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Yeh, I was looking at that myself. Really, does AIM, ICQ, or Yahoo! Messenger even still operate? Even Skype is likely going down the pan sooner or later.
Well sooner or later every one of the apps, services and platforms we currently use will go down that proverbial pan. ;)

I do agree that custom fields would be best, since this is a changing landscape (though as I had forgotten that these fields even existed until this thread it doesn't make a big difference to me!).