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Contact dupes: People + Touchdown + Sync, Oh My!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by StevenZ, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. StevenZ

    StevenZ Member
    Thread Starter

    When I first got my Inc, I tried to sync it with my corporate Outlook account, my primary contacts list, and it fed them all into People. I didn't like how native Outlook support worked, so I installed Touchdown, which also maintains a separate, almost equivalent version of my contacts. I then made the mistake of running HTC sync, which tried to take all of my PC-based Outlook contacts, and merge them onto my phone.

    Now, if I go to People, many entries are duplicated. If I select one and choose Edit Contact, it asks whether I want to edit in People or Touchdown.

    For some,

    • If I choose Touchdown, it says "This contact was not found in the Touchdown contact list." But People has the contact and its info.
    For others,

    • If I choose People, it shows only the contact name, but no contact info (phone, address, etc.). But Touchdown has it all.

    Other entries aren't duplicated in People, but if I select one, select Edit Contact, and select People, I get a list with "Select a contact to edit". For example:

    • Fred [with a contact picture]| Touchdown (Android 2.0)
    • Fred | Touchdown (Android 2.0)
    • Fred | Touchdown (Android 2.0)
    • Fred [with a contact picture]| Phone
    • Fred | Phone
    • Fred | Google
    • Fred | Touchdown (Android 2.0)

    Selecting the ones with a picture takes me to a complete contact entry, while selecting the other ones takes me to either an incomplete entry, or an entry with name but nothing more.

    I thought I might start over with only Touchdown-sourced contacts, so I went to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > People (with the contacts icon, not the phone one), and hit 'Clear Data'. I can't tell whether it made any difference.

    I'm thinking of a factory reset. I assume I'll have to backup & restore content to the phone & SD card. Will I have to repurchase apps? Or will AppBrain/Market let me simply restore everything?

    I just want to consolidate and de-dupe my contacts. Any thoughts on the best way to proceed?

  2. lgldrgdlr

    lgldrgdlr Android Enthusiast

    Have you tried to merge the contacts online in gmail? It can detect your duplicates and make suggestions for you. It's helped me a few times, but I've never had the problem as severe as yours sounds. Try to sync your gmail, go online and see what's there.

    If you reset, you won't have to purchase apps again, just redownload them.
  3. jfolson1

    jfolson1 Lurker

    I have EXACTLY the same issues!

    I'm hoping more discussions follow as I've tried all the blows' suggestions out there to no avail.

    Very frustrating and I don't have any suggestions or solutions at present.

    EVO 4g Froyo 2.2

  4. StevenZ

    StevenZ Member
    Thread Starter

    Finally did a factory reset. The crazy 6-duplicates problem is now down to 2: one in People, one in Touchdown. Still a pain, but tolerable. Still, if I select one and choose Edit Contact, it asks whether I want to edit in People or Touchdown. Sometimes there's no info in People, sometimes there's no info in Touchdown.
  5. SdP

    SdP Lurker

    Do you know if can I enter and edit within TouchDown without being in signal range and then sync with Exchange when the phone finds a signal? When I tried yesterday, having just downloaded TD, it didn't take it.

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