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Contact Group Shortcuts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by acjohnson55, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. acjohnson55

    acjohnson55 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I love being able to put contacts on my home screen, but there's just not that much room. Being able to put shortcuts to contact groups, which could then contain shortcuts to the contacts would be amazing. Anyone know if there is a method or app to do this?

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  2. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    BetterCut or even AnyCut may be able to do this, I'll look at BetterCut when I get a chance and see if it offers anything like this.
  3. hniu

    hniu Lurker

    AnyCut doesn't do it. Not sure about BetterCut. ContactsGroupU allows to create group shortcuts, but that doesn't work with android built-in address book, so its not very useful.
  4. acjohnson55

    acjohnson55 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I found it! Anyone interested in doing this should check out a free program called Groupie. It let's you make live folders, which are populated with contacts from the contact groups in yopur gmail account.
  5. gybalint

    gybalint Lurker

    Dear acjohnson,

    Many thanks for sharing this info, groupie is the program I'm looking for.

  6. realpariah

    realpariah Lurker

    Dunno if this has gotten answered, but had to deal with this today and the app Groupy is great. you can even hide groups so it lists only the ones you want, it handles multiple accounts setup on the phone just fine, and I know for sure if you drop a shortcut to the app itself it will open right up once you tap the 1x1 shortcut on the desktop right to the listing of the groups.

    It also has some nice shortcut buttons to send an Email, SMS [or MMS] right from that listing screen [the icons are right across the bottom of the screen when the app is open.

    I didn't see any widgets listed under widgets for it, but I haven't gone extremely in-depth with it yet. I don't see a major need for them as when you tap the app shortcut the app opens right to a list of all the groups you have on the device [be they system, or created by you the user (if done via google contacts website be sure to either wait for the sync or go in to settings accounts and tap the account you modified contacts on and tap to clear then tap to add the checkmark back as that will cause it to sync right away [or of course hit sync now button if you have that available instead if you prefer]). Of course if you go through and choose to hide any groups when you open the app it will only list that groups that have not been hidden.

    You can even choose multiple groups to send messages to by tapping the checkboxes found on the right hand side of the screen for all the groups you want to send your message to.

    PLEASE BE AWARE FOR BOTH EMAIL AND SMS OR MMS: Some carriers/providers do put limits on how many contacts you may send any one message to in attempts to curtail people from spamming too many people at once. You will need to review the limits with your carrier in the case of SMS/MMS messages OR you provider for your email account for emails. So if your groups [or groups] contain too many people your message may either fail to send at all or only send to soo many people [depending on how your carrier/service provider choose to handle the limit].

    Hope this helps!

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