Contact groups?

Ellen M

I am new to Android/Nexus. I had been using a windows phone, which I absolutely love but there were almost no apps available for them so when I needed a new phone, I got a Nexus.

I am a little overwhelmed at the moment and having trouble doing things that I thought were simple.

I have always had contact groups so that when I wanted to send texts and emails to certain groups I could just type the name of the group in the field and it would go to everyone. I cannot figure out how to do this with my contacts. is this possible? If not, can I download and app where this would be possible.

Many thanks.

(PS My contacts were all imported from Outlook, if that makes a difference)


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I don't know the Nexus contacts app (which is relevant, because different manufacturers use different contacts apps), but all of my devices have "groups" amongst the contacts options - either edit a contact and add it to groups, or edit a group (from the groups tab in the contacts app) and add contacts to it.

On my phone I can select a group then select a "group action", which includes messaging or mailing the whole group. The contact pickers for composing new messages or emails also allow me to add groups (click the icon to select from phonebook, then click on the groups tab).

So what you want to do is certainly supported by Android, it's just a matter of finding it within the Nexus contacts app. I'd start by opening the contacts app and looking for a "groups" tab or page. If not, edit a contact and look for a "groups" field and try adding to that.


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You can create a group easily enough: in the Google Contacts app, if you edit a contact, the More fields link at the bottom of the details, scroll right to the bottom and you'll see Group name. There are some default groups and an option to Create new group.

Not entirely sure how you use them, though ..
That's the problem, you cant seem to use these groups for anything. Previously you had a group option in SMS Messenger, but for some reason Google has dropped it.

What I do, to get round this, is to add each of the contacts to a test message (i.e. the contacts I want in the group) and then send the message. I save the test message conversation and then when I want to send another message to my group I go back to the saved conversation and reply to the group.


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I use Textra as my default texting app and can easily do this.