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Contact number info.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JaRN99, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. JaRN99

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    Ok....here's a question that hopefully someone knows the answer to. Under each contact person it gives the chance to enter numerous numbers (i.e. home, mobile, work). then when u go to that person it gives a ton of options. For example if work, home and mobile are all listed it will give the option to call all 3 numbers and send message to all 3 numbers. Obviously I can't send message to work or home numbers. So....my questions is can I somehow delete the options to send message to home and work numbers? That way the the only options listed are: call home, call work, call mobile and message mobile. Also I did it once and forget how...but how can I change which number is the primary one on a person's contact list?

  2. gobluejd

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    I am not positive about your first question (will look into later), but the second is easy. In PEOPLE, open up the contact (not edit) and long press the one you want to set, it will give you a dialog that will give you the option to set as primary. You can do this with most info (numbers, addresses email etc).

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