Help Contact Photos Not Showing Up After Update (gingerbread 2.3 ?)


Hi, this is my first post.

I am posting because my phone asked me to update when I woke up this morning so I did so when I had time. I believe the update was to gingerbread 2.3 os. But now all of my pictures are gone for phone calls and more annoyingly text messaging. It seems that everything is getting forwarded back to the matching contact on my SIM card.

Picture for "John Doe" no longer comes up. He is now listed as he was on my old phone, something like "John Cell". Even if I go to the facebook linked contact with the correct phone number and try to start a new conversation, I am forwarded to "John Cell" (the sim card contact which you can't link or add photos).

So basically, what the heck?! Does anybody know how to fix this? Would maybe deleting the conversations help?

I've also seen people posting where just the phone number shows up, this is not my issue.


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Your handset has three places to learn contact details:
1. the SIM card -- strictly name+number
2. the PHONE -- many, MANY more details about each contact
3. GOOGLE(tm) -- whatever contact details are known to the Gmail(tm) account you named during phone set-up app (initial power on or after hard reset)

The SIM details do not store pix. If you used the SIM to move contacts
from your old phone, all you moved was name+number. In some cases, your SIM might have "John Cell" and "John Home" or "John Other" contacts if your old phone had mobile, work, and home details. Sadly, your associated pix links will be broken.

Sorry, but I hope this helps,
~~~ 0;-Dan