Apr 22, 2010
I have used syncmypix for a while since facebook didn't update the pictures... But syncmypics loads low res pictures. So I uninstalled after froyo. I then deleted y facebook fot htc sense account, realoaded it and now I have some contacts with normal pictures (from facebook) and others are still low res... How come, maybe somewhere a cache on the phone or sd card?
someone who can help me?
Hi, i just did this on mine, but what i did was went into sync my pics first and unlinked all the contacts, i left the program installed just in case future updates fixed the low res problem, then i did what you did, deleted htc syn facebook account, then added it again, synced and all my pictures are now correct, perhaps you should reinstall it and try again??

Just found this out from dev blog...

By caching photos to the SD card, you get a speedier experience along with some savings to your precious data usage. If you have caching enabled (it is by default), the original photos will be cached in /Android/data/ By using this specific directory structure, if you should choose to uninstall SyncMyPix, the cache will be cleared as well (Android supports this on Froyo only). Hopefully, more developers will make use of this, as it is very annoying to have to clean this type of stuff up.
You may notice that these photos will appear in your Gallery app. If you don
I tryed some stuff and got all my contacts from facbook on there wihout pics... After a while it started downloading pictures (I think) and some contacts gave good quality and others bad... I don't get it. If I go to facebook I don't see a big difference between the profile pictures of a good quality and bad one...