Contact pictures???


I'm sure this is obvious for some but I'm wondering.
I've had a couple of contact pictures pop up that I did not set up.
The pictures are on my PC and were not downloaded to my phone. The pics on my PC are not labeled with who they are, just put in a generic file. Suddenly those pics showed up correctly in my contacts. The only time I've connected my N3 to my PC was during set up a couple months ago.
This phone is beginning to scare me a little, not in a bad way though, just amazing.


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I have the same problem with 3 or 4 contacts, I think at some point before I had a smart phone I connected a pic to a contact in 1 of my old basic phones, but everytime I buy a new phone(android) and when those contacts come back they have that same pic, when I sync fbook contacts with existing contacts the old pic stays on the contact, so weird, but yeah I'm having the same problem...

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If you sync with Facebook, G+, Google, a backup adviser from your carrier, all will save contact photos and put them on your phone.

The backup adviser I just figured out since I had 1 number saved on my Verizon backup assistant and it had a picture with it :)