Oct 25, 2010
I downloaded and installed the "Copy to SIM Card" app. When I open it and look at "Contacts on phone" It shows that I have 408. If I go to my Contacts app and click "Display options", choose only the phone, and then look at my contacts I only see 10.
If I change the option so that I only see the SIM, there are none. If I change it so that I only see corporate I now display 372.
I am sooooo confused!
I looked on the forum, and FAQ but couldn't find an answer to this problem. I want to put all of my contacts on the phone, but according to "Copy to SIM Card" they are already there even though I can't see them.
Can someone tell me what I need to do to be able to see all of my contacts that are supposedly on the phone?
Thank you very much.
Can't you put a check mark on all of the sources so you see them all? Not exactly sure that I understand your problem.
I can check all of the options but what I am trying to accomplish is to get all of my contacts on my phone so that I can assign individual ringtones. As it is, I can only see 10 contacts when I put a check beside "Phone" only, even though the "Copy to SIM Card" app says there are 408 contacts on the phone.
I would like to either: a) If the contacts are actually on the phone, find out how to be able to see the other 398 contacts that I can't see, or b) If the contacts are not actually on the phone, find out how to sync all of my contacts from "Corporate" to my phone.
One thing I've noticed with Copy to SIM Card is that it counts multiple phone numbers on a single phone contact as separate contacts in its own count. So that can inflate the numbers. This is probably since SIM contacts can only be 1 number per contact.

Also, if you have linked contacts, even if the other sources (Google, Facebook, etc) aren't being displayed in the Contact list, the "link" remains and those additional phone numbers will also be picked up by Copy to SIM and counted as separate entries.

Still not enough to get from 10 to 408 but the app does count things differently.
Ok, thanks to my local, friendly AT&T rep, I now have my contacts all on my phone and I can now change ringtones at will.

The procedure is this, Open Contacts, click on the menu button on the bottom left, click More on the menu that pops up, click Import/Export, choose Import from SD card, when asked if you are sure, say yes.
Now, go through the same process except this time choose Export from SD card, and on the next screen choose Phone at the top of the list. It will then ask you if you want to copy one vCard (I asked the AT&T guy what a vCard was and he did't know) or all vCards. I clicked all and then on the next screen I chose the vCard that was the newest. When I was finished I had all of my contacts on the phone.
I hope this makes sense and is able to help someone in getting all of their contacts on their phone.