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I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. Suddenly a few days ago all my contacts appear as unknown. I have them backed up to my google account (they are ok there) but I tried to merge and still the same.

Also I can no longer make standard calls. When I dial a number and click call it goes back to the dial screen after a second. Interestingly when I go to Viber and select make standard call through carrirer, it works.

From googling around it seems it might be due to an app. Is there a way to see what apps have access to my contacts or my normal phone dialer?

Otherwise a factory reset might be my only option.


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How long ago has this been happening, that might help in deciding which app could be causing this issue ? If all else fails then yes a FR will be the easier and quickest way to resolve your issue.

One thing you can try is, login to your Gmail from a PC and check your contacts there and see if they are all there.

If they are there that is good, then go back to your device and delete the Gmail account you have on the device, then go back to Goggle and setup the account again, and then let it sync again, and see if that brings them up.

Another thing you can also do is go to applications, and look for Viber, make sure you clear out the default, to make sure that is not taking over your dialer as default. Then try your dialer again, cheers and report back.


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Otherwise a factory reset might be my only option.

A better option is attempting to see if it is indeed a rogue app causing the issue. The only way to find that app is via process of elimination. Uninstall 5 apps and write down their names, check to see if the problem persists. If it does, uninstall 5 more apps. Rinse and repeat till you've narrowed it down to the last 5 uninstalled apps. Reinstall each one of the last 5 apps, one at a time checking between each install to see if the problem is back. You'll narrow down the culprit this way.

If that fails you may need to factory reset (unless you're rooted/romed, then do this via recovery).


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Thanks for responses. DonB, what you suggested worked. Viber was set as the default for calls (must have done that by mistake). Interestingly it wasn't going to Viber when I attempted to make a call but instead nothing happened so probably an issue with Viber. Anyway I moved it back to use normal Phone by default and its working.

For contacts, removing Google account, adding it again and re-synching fixed the issue.

Thanks again