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Contacts And Email Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nicoleuk, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Nicoleuk

    Nicoleuk Guest
    Thread Starter

    Hello :eek: Im abit of newbie when it comes to technical stuff...

    I've had my Hero for about 4 days and im already annoyed with it

    First, my contacts are showing the last name first and I dont know how to make it first name first.

    Then, all of my contacts have a "/1" at the end and ive no idea why because it wasnt like that on my old phone

    Ive read that I should put all my contacts on pc and edit it that way?
    If so..ive no idea how to do that or what program I need.

    Second, Is there anyway to make the keyboard bigger besides turning it sideways? I keep pressing the wrong keys making all my text messages spelt wrong! - Not a major problem I guess

    Third, my friend always emails me using attachments. I cant seem to open it on my Hero. It says "Cannot find application to open this file"
    It is only text sent as a picture message I think. It says UTF-8


  2. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer

    Jan 11, 2010
    W Midlands, UK
    How did you import you contacts? The first and last names are in the same field on sim/phone/google so it sounds like they were imported the wrong way round.

    The easiest way to edit them is to export all your contacts to Google. In the People app > Menu > Import > Google then edit them from Google Contacts.

    The only way with the standard keyboard is to turn it side ways. You could also install a 3rd party keyboard from the Market but first of all try calibrating your keyboard by going to the keyboard settings > Touch Input settings > Text input > Calibration tool. This will greatly increase the accuracy and even if you hit the wrong letter it should still give you the right word.

    Which mail app are you using HTC Mail or GMail? What is the file type?
  3. Nicoleuk

    Nicoleuk Guest
    Thread Starter

    Thank you, it worked.

    I have tried but I still mess up. Do you know which APP would be best for this?

    HTC Mail
  4. Nicoleuk

    Nicoleuk Guest
    Thread Starter

    Im still having this problem if someone can help?

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