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Contacts backup that handles # sign?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Tristan Raghnall, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Tristan Raghnall

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    A common problem in the 4 years I've had an Android phone is in order to 'block' certain numbers to keep them private, where I live we have to use "#31#" (without quotes) before the area code and number.

    This has thrown every contacts backup app off so that I have to go back in and adjust _all_ phone numbers back manually to a usable phone number format (PIA, for sure!).

    Does anyone know of a backup option to SDCard that can accommocate special characters in the phone number such as this #31# without distorting the backup result?

    I know from an old Windows program, for example, that that type of thing would happen in a backup restoration due to the part in the backups file where all the pathnames are shown as "{Filename}". All I had to do was after backing up to do a search/replace in the INI file and change the single quote to double (to ""{Filename}"") and the backup file then worked properly after restoring (due to Window$ stupid need to periodically wipe/reinstall the OS). I was hoping someone knew of something similar in the Android world for this type of thing but where a dev has thought of this and has allowed for accommodating special characters in the backup. I may not have found anything yet in 4 years but perhaps and hopefully something is out there already.

    Thanks in advance!



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