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Contacts disappeared - hoping to find a way to restore them

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by dylane, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. dylane

    dylane Well-Known Member
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    First, my phone is not signed into Google, so I don't have that backup. When I flashed Cyanogenmod on my phone a few months ago I had first exported contacts to a vcf file and saved that on my SD card. I later got a bigger SD card and copied the VCF file to that card and kept the old card in an older, not active phone. I also manually copied all of my personal contacts to the SIM card. This was annoying, because all my personal contacts were duplicated, but I liked having the extra backup and the ability to have my contacts with me no matter what type of phone I was using.

    For some reason last week all my contacts just disappeared. I tried to restore from the SIM card, but it says no contacts. I then tried to restore from my SD card, but it can't find the vcf. I then tried to swap both my SIM and SD cards into my other phone and vice versa with my old SD card, but both phones still couldn't find any contacts. After that I tried to restore from my TB backups, which I read was a bad idea, and they were right, this didn't work and also gets my phone to pop up a android.process.acore has stopped error once a second. I've also got Nandroid backups that I haven't tried restoring from yet, which is probably the next step, but wondering if there is anything else I can try?

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