Help Contacts don't show or show as unknown in phone app and call history

When I first got my incredible 2, I could open the phone app and for instance if I typed 6-4-2-4, which corresponds to M-I-C-H it would start filtering people and I'd start to see all the Michelles and Michaels and could then select one to call.

Starting about a month ago, this stopped working. Not completely, but when I look in the "people" app I definitely have some people there who do NOT show up in the list of contacts under the phone app.

Also as a result, anyone who falls into this category shows just (Unknown) with their phone number in my call history on the phone app. If I click a number to call someone back, it pop up while dialing and says (Unknown) but then a couple seconds later the ACTUAL info shows up. So like:

-3-4 seconds pass
-Michelle Mobile

Then when I'm done and hang up, in the call history... it shows (Uknown) with the phone number only DESPITE the fact that it JUST KNEW WHO I WAS TALKING TO :)

This feature of the HTC phones is one of the reasons I stick with HTC phones. But it's really not working and it's affecting all of my most common people.

I'm not really looking for workarounds like speed dial or shortcuts, I really want this to work like it should.

I got to my wits end and could not find anything on Google about this so last night I did a factory reset figuring it worked when I got it... but this did not fix it.

So, in the latest update to sense, did they fubar this? Is there some kind of limit on contact list size I've finally hit? Anyone have the same issue and most importantly - could you resolve it??

I'm desperate :) If there is another thread on this, I apologize - I've searched until my fingers and eyes bleed and have found nothing. Maybe I just don't know what to search for.

Any help is very appreciated. Thanks!!