Contacts Duped w/gMail?


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My contacts seem to have doubled up viz: Picasa Web Albums - Pete Cresswell - Misc.

Thankfully, the dupes do not seem to have penetrated my contact DB (i.e. they only show up when I bring up Phone | Contacts.... and do not appear when I start my Go Contacts app.

In (Android) | Settings | Accounts and sync | | Sync Contacts is disabled although Sync Calendar, Sync Chrome, and Sync Picasa Web albums are enabled.

When I log in to the gMail web page the only thing I can see that smells of contacts is "Circles"... and that is empty.

My first guess is that my gmail contacts list lives somewhere else and, somehow, is getting synched into the Android device.



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Contacts can be stored in 3 places.

1. As Google contacts. These are stored on the phone and synced to your Google account (unless sync is turned off).
2. As Phone contacts. These are stored locally on the phone only and not synced.
3. As SIM contacts. Unlike 1+2 above, only names and numbers can be stored, no addresses, email etc.

Your contacts app can be set to display any or all of the above. If you see duplicates then you have those contacts saved in more than one place, for example as both 1+2, and your contacts app is set to display 1+2. So, you see duplicates. Changing the contacts app to display either 1 or 2 but not both eliminates the duplicate contact display.

See your phone manual for more details.

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When you log into gmail on a computer, on the left hand side of the screen there is a dropdown/button that says Gmail. Change that to Contacts and manage them there to get them cleaned up.