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Contacts GrooupU

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bluetoothgolf, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. bluetoothgolf

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    I'm an ex-Treo user who recently converted to Droid. My concern was my many business/personal contacts and getting them from the Treo 755 into the Droid and not lossing group functionality (which Iambic's Agendus for Palm was flawless) and information (addresses, notes, etc). The basic Verizon orientation day transfer, moved all the contacts with phone #'s, but not addresses and notes. I've downloaded Contacts GroupU and have successfully moved/grouped contacts that were transfered at the time the Droid was conceived, things are good to this point other then no addresses and notes..........but what goes wrong thereafter, is now when I add new contacts from desktop into Google Gmail contacts and assign a group, when i go to view the new added conatct on the Droid, it shows someone elses contact information and not the info under the name that was entered in Google. But if I look at the conatct using the Droid native app 'Contacts' it shows correctly. Added note, none of my addresses or notes moved from the 755?
    Any suggestions or input here?

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