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General Contacts icon merged with messaging icon randomly, and other contacts issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by andromeda680, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. andromeda680

    andromeda680 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 4, 2012
    hey there,

    i've read through quite a few threads here over the past few weeks (and past few hours too lol) and can't quite seem to find the same issue listed anywhere.

    this all started one day a few weeks back. i was sitting in my car about to take off but checking a few things on my phone before i did. i was looking in my messages and exited from the program by hitting the home screen. but when the home screen reloaded, instead of the usual four icons on the dock popping up (phone, contacts, messages, and applications) correctly, it did something weird instead...the contact app superimposed itself on the message app for a few seconds, and then turned into the messaging app, and now there are only three apps on the dock (phone, messages, and applications).

    ever since then, occasionally when i am first exiting another program, the messaging app will display itself as the contacts app for a few seconds, but then turn right back into the messaging app (always only showing three icons in the dock, never all four, as if messaging and contacts are the same thing now somehow).

    i have tried everything short of downloading a new contacts app, which i don't want to do because i liked the original one. i can't find where to redownload just the stock android contacts app. the contacts app is also nowhere to be found in my apps menu, and i can't for the life of me figure out how to drag it out of the phone or messages app to make it its own icon again.

    this causes problems with being able to import my contacts from the sim onto the device (because for whatever reason after i program a contact onto my sim card i can't use it until i then import it onto the phone). i don't have the same edit options using contacts through the phone and messages apps as i do from the contacts app.

    because of this, when i want to import a number i just programmed onto my sim into my USABLE contacts, i then have to start randomly opening programs and exiting to the home screen for that split second that my messages app first displays as my contacts app. that split-second contacts app appearance is the only time my phone gives me all the menu options i need in order to import my contacts correctly.

    needless to say it is pretty frustrating. i've tried everything to work around it and i have looked in every single app, menu, and folder inside my phone trying to find the contacts app so i can just drag it to the desktop...no luck. it's NOWHERE. i've tried working around the weird "import from SIM" settings as well, but without that specific contact app, i can rarely access numbers i have put into my phone, sometimes multiple times no matter how else i try to access my contacts.

    i've only had the phone 3 months and have already had to do a factory reset on it for other issues, i'm starting to think i have a lemon. i don't want to reset my phone again :( i lost EVERYTHING the first and second times though. if anyone knows anything about this strange glitch, please help.


  2. xsenman

    xsenman Well-Known Member

    Apr 5, 2012
    I assume you using the latest Firmware, now you can try this ( no guarantees though :D)

    Touch applications ( one of the 4 icons in the dock on your desktop)
    Touch Menu key ( bottom left key) > and touch edit

    Here you can edit all your apps location including those in the dock by dragging them into folders or other pages of your choice

    so just long press the messaging/contact icon and drag it into the apps page

    it should now release both apps ( contacts and messaging) into that page)

    so all you have to do is long press and drag them back to the dock

    Hope this works for you

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