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Contacts Issue...

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by brandonwsanchez, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. brandonwsanchez

    Thread Starter

    After I accidentally deleted my friend from my contact list, it will no longer sync any of her Facebook info to my contact list...suggestions? I have tried re-adding her and that was not successful.

    Help is greatly appreciated, thanks! :D

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  2. krazykrivda

    krazykrivda Well-Known Member

    Make sure she is still your friend on FB.

    You can always open up contacts, manage accounts, remove your facebook and then add it again. That should do it? Let me know.
  3. brandonwsanchez

    Thread Starter

    I did that and now none of my contacts Facebook pictures will show up. :(
  4. krazykrivda

    krazykrivda Well-Known Member

    They will sync eventually. IT take a bit sometimes. TO speed it up connect to wifi, open up facebook app go to settingz, sync contacts and make sure the proper thing is checked. Then in phone settings, accoutns and sync, open the facebook account then hit menu and hit sync now. This should get the pictures back. Again let me know.
  5. brandonwsanchez

    Thread Starter

    It works, thank you. :)
  6. krazykrivda

    krazykrivda Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help :)

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