Jul 15, 2017

I've recently switched over from a Microsoft 950XL to the Samsung S8+ and while the transfer was fairly smooth, I've having various problems, one of them being that I cannot save a contact.

All my contacts are originally from my account and I want to keep them there. These were transferred and created successfully on my device but whenever I try to create a new contact, it's saying "contact save" but it swaps back to the contact listing the phone, it immediately displays a notification saying "contact not found".

If I go search for it, it indeed does not exists!

Any ideas?

I added my email account and I made sure to include the "contacts" (and calendar). Once my email account was added, it added all my contacts to my phone.
Try adding the Outlook/Microsoft app. It facilitates syncing.

Sorry I posted a reply but it somehow didn't get committed. Anyway, I should have mentioned that from the beginning but I already have the Outlook app installed as I'm using it as my main email app.
I've also removed my account and the Outlook app, reinstalled both but still no luck.
Any other suggestions?