Contacts pictures and Facebook

I have an Eris. My friend has an Eris. His contacts have automatically d/l the Facebook pics from the corresponding contacts in his phone. Mine have not. I have to do it manually, which is becoming old. I set F/B to do it (I think) when I first got my phone. Am I missing something?


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I made the mistake of organizing all my phone contacts in the "Last, First" format, which made it impossible for automatic-syncing to occur. A hour of tidying up my google address book on my laptop allowed everything to happen smoothly, though.

Do you have all your auto-syncing settings enabled on your phone's settings? That might be your problem.


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Mine was never fully automatic. When you go to the updates tab of the people app, at the top it will say 50 contacts available to link or something along those lines. Once you click on that link button it will take you to a page to approve all of the contact that match exactly. Any contacts that don't exactly match will have to be done individually. In that case it usually shows the closest option but it doesn't automatically assume its correct.


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I am having an issue with it syncing to google since I got it, so I guess I need to get that issue resolved first. I keep getting an error message about that...