Apr 17, 2012

Just got a new Xperia Ray and synched it with Facebook to create a contact list, but this means that all my friends on Facebook are now contacts on my phone, and to be honest I don't want that long a contact list. However for some reason when I go to delete the contacts I don't want, it won't let m

What can I do to edit my contact list whilst keeping the Facebook link intact with the friends I want?

Thanks for any help!
go to the Contacts app. all your contacts including facebook will be displayed. now touch the settings button [the one to the right of where the word XPERIA is written] this will open a drawer showing various options lone of which will be "Filter".
touch filter and you will be presented with lot of choices as to what all you wish to see displayed when you open the Contacts app. you could simply tick the "show contacts with phone number option" to ensure only those with phone numbers are shown or you could uncheck the facebook contacts.... just see what suits you
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