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Support Contacts recovery, possibly lost, hopefully not

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Slacker20, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. Slacker20

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    Dec 6, 2009

    Ok, for some background info:
    My Droid is rooted and has had several hacks performed. I've created a few Advanced Backups with Nandroid (backing up everything) which I've copied to my computer. I was trying to buy a couple apps in the Market, but the only email I had was a Google Apps email account (and even though I had Google Checkout setup, Android Market only allows regular gmail accounts to be linked with Google Checkout). In the end, I had to completely wipe my phone in order to remove my Google Apps account from my phone, create a new gmail account, then re-add them to my phone and FINALLY buy the two apps I was trying to buy to begin with.

    Now for the problem...
    Today I noticed that I only have a handful of contacts in my Contacts list, I guess from the few email contacts I have on my Google Apps account, but I had many many phone numbers in my phone that weren't in my Google Apps contacts. I have my Nandroid backups, is there any way to recover only my contacts without messing with my apps?

    I'm not sure what all is included in the Data portion of the Nandroid backup file, but I'm hoping not both contacts and installed apps. I need to recover only my contacts, because the apps I have installed now include the purchased apps that obviously weren't included in the previous Nandroid backups.

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated,

    EDIT: Very strange... after wiping my phone and having no contacts for 4 days, after syncing my Google account contacts several times with no results, I tried one last time today to sync my Google account contacts before I was going to attempt to restore from a Nandroid backup, and I suddenly have all my contacts back... after 4 days.


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