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Contacts Replicated Themselves & Can't Sync To Google

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by PGB1213, Aug 29, 2020.

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    Hello All!
    I hope this note finds everyone well & enjoying today.

    Suddenly, on my Android 5.1 phone (ZTE Maven AT&T) the Contacts list has multiple entries for every contact. Some have two, some three & a few have four. Each entry on the list has a dot next to it. Some have the same color dot for every contact, some have different colors. The Contacts app is one that came with the phone. I think it's the Google contacts app. The phone also has 'AT&T Address BOOK", but I don't use it.

    I logged into Google on the computer & if said some, but not all of my contacts had duplicate entries. I told Google to fix it, which went smoothly. Next I went to the phone Settings - Accounts - Google & told the phone to sync. The screen said "Syncing Now" and an arrow circle spun. When it got done, it said "Last Sync 11-29-2019". Today is 08-29-2020. The duplicates were still on the phone, but on line at Google was OK. I tried again & got the same results.

    I can't find anything on the phone that says to fix duplicates. Google help pages only said to sync. Since it won't sync, that's out.

    Do any of you know how I can:
    A) Get rid of the duplicate contacts on the phone?
    B) Get the phone to sync to Google?

    Thank You Very Much for helping. I sure am lost!


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