Aug 10, 2012
I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy SII to 4.0.4. After the upgrade there were only 64 contacts on my phone but I was able to scroll through the contacts. Before the updatet though, there were hundreds of contacts. I tried a trial version of a 3rd party software called Android-Sync and it successfully transferred the maximim # of contacts with the trial version (20) and I could still scroll on the contacts. When I loaded the full version of Android-Sync, my contacts were stored to my phone but now I cannot scroll in the contacts screen. Receive a message that it is not responding do I want to Wait or Cancel. Neither option unfreezes contacts. Have unistalled the Android-Sync app and still can't unfreeze contacts. Phone has been shut down several times with no luck. Android-Sync says its not their problem. Any ideas?

Hopefully you have your contacts sync'd to google. If so, they're on the cloud server and you should have no problems. If so, just do a complete factory/data reset. Sometimes upgrades require a complete data wipe. If you're sync'd to the google servers, your data will automatically restore appropriately.