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Support Contacts stopped synching

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LarryMcJ, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. LarryMcJ

    LarryMcJ Guest
    Thread Starter

    Out of the blue, my Gmail contacts stopped synching to my Incredible. Mail works fine, as does my calendar, but the contacts that were there this morning are still there, but the last sync is about 12 hours old.

    Tried a manual sync and it doesn't sync...just sits there. Using Google Apps Premier and the Gmail contacts sync fine with my Apple Address book, but just not my phone.

    I was going to delete the Google account and add it again, but when I try that I get a tutorial that the only way I can do that is to reset the phone to factory defaults. I don't want to reinstall all the apps I have on this phone...surely there is something else going on. Any ideas?


  2. Markus729

    Markus729 Well-Known Member

    Jul 24, 2010
    Digital Design Strategy
    Mile High City
    Mine has done the same thing. All of my Gmail and Google items sync, but not contacts. In the Settings > Accounts&Sync > Google, all sync and have the current date and time. But my contacts still says Sep. 3.
  3. LarryMcJ

    LarryMcJ Guest
    Thread Starter

    Fixed! FWIW, to fix this I did the following:

    1. Exported all "My Contacts" in Gmail (not "all contacts" but "My Contacts) to my desktop as a Google.csv file.

    2. Highlighted all Gmail contacts and deleted them.

    3. On my Incredible I did a manual sync and all contacts were removed except for two, and both of them were already in my Gmail contacts. These two I manually deleted on the Incredible.

    4. Back in Gmail I imported the previous Google.csv file from my desktop to Gmail contacts.

    5. Looked my phone and it was already doing a contact sync and now it appears to be working correctly and doing the normal automatic sync.

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