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I just joined the forum today because I need information about a problem I ran into since I installed the softwear update a couple days ago.

How do I add my contact list back to my text app. In the to: area there is a blue circle with a down arrow in it, but when I press it I get the following message:

After you've used your phone a little more, you'll find suggestions here that will give you instant access to the people you message most.

Befor the update I had the contact icon in the To: area.

Also How do I add a contact shortcut on the screen?

Thanks for the help.



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Can't say that I've ever encountered that message. If you're just using the stock messaging app for SMS/MMS you should be able to tap on the TO field and either type the names then select the contacts or simply input the number you wish to SMS/MMS.

ps: have your contacts been restored to your phone post-update?