Contacts To Voice Your Concerns Over S-off

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I know alot of people are upset over having to wait on S-off, while watching other phones, like the newly released Nexus get unlocked fairly quickly.

Have you checked over at the Galaxy Nexus forums? One could easily get jealous that they already have the ability to flash undervolted kernels, new streamlined roms, radios, etc.

I consider the HTC Rezound cream of the crop, and would love to tweak it out before Christmas.

Well, I say we as a whole contact HTC and Verizon and let them know we are displeased with the current locking of our Rezound. I can understand the reason for locking, but what about other devices on the network? The Galaxy Nexus has been unlocked and rooted without any sort of hassle. This is causing those that are impatient to jump the HTC Rezound ship and head over to the nexus.

Those that havent jumped, are probably contemplating, that is including some devs i'm sure.

Earlier this year, Peter Chou, CEO of HTC states on Facebook and Twitter that they will no longer be locking the bootloaders on their 2011 and newer devices, yet somehow this was not the case for the Rezound.

If you would like to, contact Verizon and HTC and voice your opinion. While it may be futile, not voicing yourself surely wont help :) Maybe they will get tired of our complaints, and do something about it. HTC has to of felt a little burn with people going over to the Nexus already, so maybe they would love to keep that from happening more.

HTC's Twitter message about no longer locking bootloaders

HTC's Facebook page about no longer locking bootloaders

For those that don't know, Verizon do have support forums, and here is a complaint topic regarding the HTC Rezound's locked bootloader, so voice yourself there too (please stay faithful to current forum, my intent is not to have you move to a different forum).

Google Customer Support Phone Number

If you do anything, remember to be courteous and respectful. Let them know you are a unhappy consumer that loves the phone, but not in love with their locking it down like it is, and against what they promised earlier this year.

As a whole, we might get heard, and who knows, maybe Christmas will come early:) I'm aware that once I bought the HTC Rezound, that I was taking a gamble on how soon if at all S-off would come. It is my second smartphone, following my HTC Incredible, and with all the choices out there, I still come back to HTC.

Squeaky Wheel gets the grease.

Serinety has renacted their petition. Rather than me start one up, please refer to their thread to sign the petition, and still use this thread to contact Verizon, HTC, and Google to get them to give us some Bootloader freedom.
HTC Rezound Petition


One bite at a time...
While we do not want to prevent Rezound owners from voicing their opinions on things that they believe and wanted changed with their devices, Android Forums simply cannot be party to flooding the email inboxes of HTC, Verizon, and Google employees.

We apologize but believe it respectful that we, as Android enthusiasts, not overwhelm these individuals with email. Rather lets continue to use the traditional channels to respectfully push for improvement of our favorite OS... :cool:
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