Help Contacts will not sync to office 365

Hi, I'm helping out an employee with their galaxy note 5. so little back story, he has about 3000 contacts on his google account that is linked to the phone. He wants to have the contacts to sync over to his office 365 as well. in settings both accounts have contacts checked, but there is nothing going over to office 365. any suggestions would be great, because Microsoft support will just blame the error on Google or Android and close the ticket out.

Galaxy Note 5
hardware version: N920V.04
Android version: 6.0.1

update: installed the outlook app for android and pulled the contacts in to there but they still won't sync up to office 365.

Update: Microsoft suggested I export the contacts from google into office 365 then sync the contacts across both accounts. anyone have thoughts on syncing contacts between 2 accounts (google & office 365)
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David Matrazzo

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Figured it out, sort of. Although I couldn't get this working on the phone there is a very simple solution to the overall problem. if you have outlook on a PC that you use often, install "GO Contact Sync Mod" which can be found in a google search or the link below. After install you can simply enter the google account and select the email profile that you would like to sync contacts with. This works because the news contacts that are added into your google account with in turn sync across your devices with your office 365 account. Any questions just ask, its working well for me.