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Contacts won't sync to FB >.<

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by l3rodie, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Firewill10

    Firewill10 Android Enthusiast

    The app sync.me in the playstore works great to keep you Facebook contacts synced

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  2. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Android Enthusiast

    Best App ever!! Thanks!!
  3. His1975

    His1975 Lurker

    Facebook have removed the sync feature altogether something to do with privacy. I haven't found a good app for doing the job yet either..
  4. Potluck94

    Potluck94 Lurker

    You have to Uninstall the current facebook you have installed and install this one.


    It should auto open and accept it then install but make sure you don't have auto update on or it won't work. Then once installed login and update contact.
    That is what I did.
  5. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    What is it? An older version of the app?

    Apkmirror has loads of previous versions: http://www.apkmirror.com/?s=FACEBOOK&post_type=apps_post
  6. Potluck94

    Potluck94 Lurker

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  7. His1975

    His1975 Lurker

    This also doesn't work as there isn't a sync contacts option in that version
  8. Potluck94

    Potluck94 Lurker

    Ok. Well I used version 7
  9. His1975

    His1975 Lurker

    Thanks this has now worked
  10. Potluck94

    Potluck94 Lurker

    Glad to of helped someone with this problem
  11. Mdraej99

    Mdraej99 Android Enthusiast

    Did you try sync.me?
  12. Potluck94

    Potluck94 Lurker

    Only with the Contacts you already had on phone.
  13. My Galaxy S6 won't update to anything below version 35 (since it came with the phone). What would be the best workaround?
  14. Richard Park

    Richard Park Member

    Don't you people use Google?!
    Next time you add a contact add to your email...
    lol... Google > Facebook
  15. Sir KaosAlot

    Sir KaosAlot Lurker

    I was stuck on this for a very long time. The only way is to downgrade your facebook app to a lower verison. I am currently running facebook app version 27. Facebook stop syncing contacts in the newer version. STUPID of them. You can delete it and redownload it here . http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/facebo...e/facebook-27-0-0-25-15-android-apk-download/

    Not sure for the NOTE5 since facebook is preinstalled - if you can delete it then it should work. Good luck.
  16. So here is my hint, I did not solve the problem yet but have a clue what is going on.
    Look at the attached gif! when I first start up facebook on the new marshmallow on my note 4 and log in I notice an approval request on my status bar, when clicking on it it doesn't however give me the option to approve.

    This used to work with android 5 1.gif

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