Aug 30, 2010
Hi all

I have loads of contacts on me phone but at present don't need them all.

So i delete them of me phone n a few days later i get a message saying (sync Too many contacts deletes) (delete the items, undo the deletes, do nothing for now) if i click delete the items i lose the form me Google account as well. i dont want to undo the deletes n if i click do nothing for now the message stays on the screen. I am deleting 195 numbers.

I have them all backed up on Google.

is it best to download a app n safe the app n file on me laptop

Thank you all in advance

You can export the contacts from your phone to a csv file on your SD Card, from there copy it to your PC/upload to dropbox for safe keeping.

As long as you've a copy somewhere safe, you're free to delete the stuff you don't need.
1. Open the People App
2. Press the Menu button in the top right
3. Manage Contacts
4. Import/Export Contacts
5. Export to Phone Storage
6. Select the Account you want to Export
7. It will then export a vcf file to your SD Card
8. Copy that to your PC or Upload to your dropbox account (if you have one).