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Hello All, I haven't received my Incredible yet and was wondering if it is possible to sync it to my outlook on my computer to get all my contacts in. I currently have the Imagio and its windows based so it just sync's, I also have a yahoo account.


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The HTC Sync installation package will come preloaded on the internal storage of the phone. When you get it, connect it to your windows PC, set USB mode to Disk drive, and you will find the installer.


I bought an incredible and I returned an incredible and reactivated my storm. I don't want to do 47 things in 52 different places to get Contacts,Tasks, Calendar, and Notes. Outlook is a fact of life. I can not exist without it. Not exchange just plug and sync. I really enjoyed the incredible, but it went back. I tried companion link, insyncit, Google docks. some worked some time but way to much hassle. If we can view the stars and planets and check bar codes, why can't I do a simple sync?

Thanks for listening to my rant. T:(


it will sync using htc sync... however, being fed up with MS Outlook and its syncing issues with WM 6, I changed to Google calendar and haven't looked back. This is about a year ago or more. Have I had any trouble with the calendar and syncing? NO! It's great! I encourage you to make the move if you are able to.