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continue develop in .net framework or switch to Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Akrapovic, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    We are a small to medium sized enterprise (from Belgium) that is active in the field of private expertise after damage (fire, flood, storm,...)

    What we actually do, in two words, is compose a big inventory of all the damaged goods, building materials and structure and discuss this with the insurance company (homes, structure-technical, bridges, burnt down companies,...)

    One and a half year ago we hired a company to write us a software package to digitalize this process. We would use a tablet for the input. The tablet has not to do big calculations, it just has to be able to manage a big inventory and convert it to excel (could even be done at the office on a separate desktop pc)

    We absolutely didn't push the development of the software, so this results in a completion rate of approx. 60%-70%.

    We never gave any attention to the code where it was in programmed, which is currently .Net Framework from Microsoft.

    We are now in the first testing phase of the software and realized that windows 7 tablets are not common, probably to slow, take too much battery, etc...

    As much of the tablets coming out are in Android code, we even have problems finding a good tablet with Windows 7 to run our software. So we suspect that Android is a much better platform for us to use, develop and find a descent tablet. The software really doesn

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