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Continuing problem with HDMI cable

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kentpavelka, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. kentpavelka

    kentpavelka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone figured out a solution to HDMI cable not working with certain TV sets? Several weeks ago I posted...as did many others...that Insignia TVs don't like the EVO...phone froze up on white screen...had to remove battery to reboot phone...but never was able to connect. Now with Froyo update...phone no longer freezes when trying to hook up to TV via HDMI cable....but TV still gets no signal. Tried two different EVOs on two different (identical Insignias), on all 4 ports.

    Are we to conclude that this just is not going to work for many of us? Sprint it clueless. Have spent many hours on this....including with Sprint tech...they act as if they have never heard of the problem.

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  2. tex texington

    tex texington Newbie

    I bought a HDMI cable from Amzer shortly after the release date. It didn't work at all. Thinking it was a junk cable I went to Sprint and paid 31 dollars for 1. It kind of worked if youjiggled the cable just right but there was no sound and the picture looked HORRIBLE. I went to two different Sprint stores and they basically told me to piss up a rope. The manager said "that's the risk you take when you buy and untested product" I still regret not filing some sort of complaint with Sprint. The whole HDMI issue pisses me off!

  3. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Android Expert

    Have you tried changing the HDMI out settings?

    There is Auto/720p/480p... maybe either one will help.
  4. kentpavelka

    kentpavelka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes, did that. The device is not connecting with the TV...don't get the message at the top of the EVO screen that it is connected.

    The TV's HDMI ports obviously work...the cable box runs into one of them!

    It's becoming obvious that some TVs aren't going to work with the EVO. (It's not the cables). However, their advertising didn't say that the HDMI connections would work on SOME TVs.

    Two questions:

    1. How do Sprint & HTC get away with this....this was a primary marketing point made in their advertising.
    2. How do Sprint & HTC continue to, basically, ignore the problem? (What elephant in the living room?)

    GODHOOD Newbie

    I find that my HDMI cable is loose when connected to the Evo, if I move it around a bit the picture comes up. Obviously it's a problem with the HDMI port on the Evo not connecting well with the cable.
  6. drksilenc

    drksilenc Android Enthusiast

    ... just let us disable the thing and give us 60 fps...
  7. It's not Sprints or HTC's problem, its your TV's. The Evo has the latest hdmi drivers for the 1.4 spec. Your tv is older than the Evo, therefore may not accept some of the newer specs from new devices like the Evo.

    You need to call Insignia, and tell them the problem you are having. Ask them how to update the firmware on the tv. However, Insignia isn't the best of brands, so they usually dont update their set's firmware too often.
  8. kentpavelka

    kentpavelka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Insignias are fine....also less than a year old. Again, the advertising for EVO didn't say HDMI works for only certain and/or upper end TV's.

    They rushed to market and promoted this before realizing this would be a significant problem for many people. If, on the other hand, they knew it would be a significant problem for many people, their promotional promises were purposely overstated.

    Now, one of the most emphasized features of the phone does not live up to their marketing claims. That, my friend is not Insignias problem. It is mine, Sprint's & HTC's.
  9. tex texington

    tex texington Newbie

    I only buy the best which is Samsung. I have 2 Samsungs.one is a regular LCD and the other is the new LCD-LED 3-D TV's. My HDMI doesn't' work on either of them which really sucks:/
  10. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Android Expert

    Sorry Kent, it really sucks that your TV isn't working out with the Evo, I definitely do sympathize. I understand the frustration, but it is misdirected -- this guy is right. It is all Sprint/HTC can do to to design their product to the industry standard "specification." If television sets are non-conforming, they can't go through the effort of trying to develop compatibility with every non-standard, non-confirming TV set.

    If anything, it would probably be more appropriate for an Insignia (or Samsung or whatever) TV to indicate its HDMI spec compatibility... and to some extent, they probably do. In other words, it's likely not the Evo that's incompatible with your TV, but your TV that's incompatible with the Evo.
  11. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Android Expert


    The HDMI "feature" is complete rubbish.
  12. Yes, the tv's themselves are OK, but I was referring to their customer service, ie getting firmware updates to the users. And it doesnt matter that it's less than a year old, it's older than the Evo, therefore that if your weak link that needs to be updated.

    The advertising for my Ford car doesn't guarantee I can drive on every highway, should I blame Ford?
  13. cupcake9999

    cupcake9999 Lurker


    I have tried the HDMI with 3 different TVs; Samsung, Westinghouse, and a Panasonic plasma. They all worked fine. The picture quality was actually not too bad for a DVD rip that I converted with Xilisoft HD converter.

    How do you KNOW that it's a HTC issue and not an issue with with your TV or cable?
  14. salpiche

    salpiche Well-Known Member

    does anyone's Evo is rebooting when the HDMI cable is plugged in? every time I plug the cable my phone will reboot.

    edit: tried on another tv and it worked fine, it must be my tv... darn westinghouse tvs!
  15. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

    I have a Samsung LN46A630.

    I am able to see videos I record and youtube, but cannot view pictures after Froyo.

    Anyone here is able to see pictures in their HDTV?

    This was working for me before, so something was changed with Froyo.
  16. Slick1020

    Slick1020 Android Enthusiast

    Why does everyone blame Froyo? For the last time, Froyo was tested before sending it out to EVO users! Uninstall some of the apps you have or it could be because you are rooted. Everyone blames Froyo for battery issues, then we all find out it comes down to user settings of which every Android nerd knew this when we first acquired our EVOs. Now you are blaming Froyo because you can't view pictures. Uninstall some apps and do a reboot or maybe its your tv. But its NOT FROYO.
  17. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

    Buddy, I have to blame Froyo because it was WORKING before I installed Froyo.

    No root here, I will never root my phone.

    I did install the unofficial froyo (.3), and at that point it never worked. I got the official update from HTC (.6) and STILL is not working.

    By the way, I've done complete factory resets TWICE and that did not fix problem.

    Is yours working? Can you view pictures in your HDTV?
  18. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    Just throwing it out there (not aimed at you in particular), simply doing a factory reset does not guarantee success. It sucks that we even have to resort to a reset just to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 to clean things up, but that's the hand we're dealt.

    I did 3 factory resets before I figured how to REBUILD my settings/apps without all the issues. In your case, you could do a factory reset and immediately test the HDMI. If it still doesn't work, something is really wrong (could be froyo, or it could be a hardware issue).
  19. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

    This is what I know about this issue.

    I know that some Samsung HDTV (old ones, I mean, what's old? I purchased mine last year in Feb '09) does not play HDMI content from EVO.

    At first, I couldn't play anything (No youtube, no pictures, no video recording, nothing). Everytime I would connect HDMI cable, my Samsung would say "MODE NOT SUPPORTED".

    Then, HTC released an update (System upgrade 1.47.651.1 (21.43MB)). After I installed this update, when I connected my HDMI cable, I was able for the first time to hit notification bar where it says "Video out connected (HDMI) in the notification" and give you a Display resolution window with options


    720p (1280x720)

    480p (720x480)

    Before this update, I never got this.

    After this update, I was able to see Youtube video, my recordings and view pictures in slideshow.

    Then, froyo came around and I installed unofficial one (.3) and everything worked, except viewing pictures in slideshow.

    When I hit slideshow in my EVO, my HDTV does not take it and the slideshow shows in my EVO.

    So, it is reasonable to assume that HTC deleted something, from the previous update that my phone won't work now when viewing pictures in the slideshow in my HDTV.
    novox77 likes this.
  20. manoosie

    manoosie Newbie

    my evo freezes whenever i hook it up to either of my tvs.
  21. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    I wish everyone on these forums did controlled tests like this and detail them in their help request.

    Yeah, if you're seeing changes in behavior corresponding to upgrades, then it's likely you're at the mercy of HTC and your TV. Interestingly, I have an "ancient" Samsung HDTV according to your standards (from 2007) that does just fine with the Evo. FWIW, the TV is a Samsung LN-T4661F, 1080p panel. Got it before the garbage 120/240hz interpolated TVs became popular.

    I am also rooted and running a custom kernel (see my sig). Never tested my phone stock, so I can't say if the root/kernel has any influence.
  22. Dano7024

    Dano7024 Newbie

    Well I didn't have to do a factory reset, but I do have to power the phone off and then hook up the HDMI cable for the phone to recognize it. Why I don't know but it's really not a problem to me, yet. I'm sure this will get fixed.
  23. djkleric

    djkleric Well-Known Member

    When ever I plug in the cable it reboots and hangs on the whit evo screen. I have to do a battery pull every time.
  24. hellcatt

    hellcatt Well-Known Member

    i think this has taken the lead for the stupidest analogy of 2010.

    yes you should blame ford, why would they make a vehicle, promote what it does yet make it ...."the 2010 ford blahblah is a high performance vehicle suited for todays lifestyles yet it cannot be driven over any bridges or thru any tunnels"

    you get nothing

    oh and it works fine on my 3 year old dynex 720p lcd but not on my 9 month old insignia 1080p lcd

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