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Contract questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mike208, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. mike208

    mike208 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I am ready to go get my Evo here in a few hours. But it just occured to me, I may need to check on some things first. I'm sure the friendly employees of sprint can answer my questions, but I figured I would give the forums first crack at it. You've been more then helpful so far.

    I am currently on a SERO plan that just recently hit it's 2 years. I don't want to drop my SERO until I am for sure I am happy with the EVO and my new plan that comes along with it. So my plan was to keep my SERO for now and just sign up for a brand new contract/line to get the EVO. My first question is will they need to do a credit check for this or will they just accept it based on my record of on time payments with them over the past 2 years? I don't think my credit is at a point that would allow them to approve me if they do indeed check it for this. But if they do have to do a check for the new contract, would it make a difference if I just upgrade my current plan to whatever plan is required to get the EVO? Would that also require a credit check?

    And my other question. If I am able to keep my SERO and get a new plan for the EVO, I want to get the 450 simple everything plan for now. But here soon my girlfriend wants to get the pixi and we want to add it to my plan and upgrade it to a family plan. My question is, will they let me port her current Revol number to my blackberry and allow continued use of the SERO plan until we are ready to get the pixi and upgrade to a family plan?

  2. metchick01

    metchick01 Newbie

    I'm assuming the SERO plan is a type of Simply Everything plan?!? So here goes,

    Since you are already a Sprint Customer, No credit check is needed. You are able to change your plan at anytime with Sprint without a contract extension. Also, as long as you know that you have the $10 EVO fee per month and your plan includes unlimted data you should be ok to keep the old plan (If it is in fact a Simply Everything type plan)

    As for your possible 2nd line, that should be no problem too. As long as your account has been in good standing for 3 months (bills paid on time, No disconnect of service) you may add the second line at anytime with a family plan. For example you would probably go with the $129.99 plan with 1500 minutes of talk time (the Lowest minute plan they have for 2 lines.)
  3. mike208

    mike208 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    The SERO plan is sprint sold referral plan. They are actually trying to get people off that plan as its a really good deal, which means they aren't making much money from it, lol. I am actually hoping to use it as leverage to get the $10 evo fee waived. I've heard of them doing that for a few others who dropped SERO for the EVO, but we will see how it goes.

    I just wasnt sure if they would check my credit again if I left the SERO plan alone and actually signed up for a whole new contract for the EVO with them. I woudln't think that would require a credit check, but who knows.

    If I port my girlfriends number to my blackberry on the SERO plan, what costs will be involved with that? Will I just pay an activation fee or something?
  4. metchick01

    metchick01 Newbie

    So you basically would like the keep the SERO plan no matter what?

    If it does have unlimited DATA then you should be able to use it for the EVO's line.

    If Not and you want to give it to your GF then they will port in her number with an activation/transfer fee (not a lot of $ and they may waive it)

    No credit check if you are already a Sprint Customer either way.

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