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Contradicting advice. Please advise me!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ascanio1, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. ascanio1

    ascanio1 Newbie
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    I apologise for the length of this post and wish to TIA anyone who would be so kind to spare his time/expertise to help me.

    I have received contradicting reccommendations as to WHAT is the best way to obtain my objectives and very confusing specific Root/ROM advice.

    Since I could not find a general forum under "All things Root" I thought I should look for advice here. I apologise if I'm OT but I would really appreciate some advice as I heard so many different voices over many forums that I am really lost!

    My ONLY objective is to obtain that freedom which I thought I would be granted by switching to the Android OS from the Symbian world. Not better speed, better environments, better anything... only unlock my new device and new USIM, possibly, not voiding the carrier's warranty and allowing me to stream region sensitive content (as music, news, stock reports, TV programs and movies which won't play when they recognize a region limited or locked device/USIM).

    I wish to obtain FULL FREEDOM to combine ALL my SIM cards, in ALL my devices, in any combination and still stream whatever content I want.

    My Nokias & my 3 Sim cards today allow me to do this.

    My new Android device & Softbak USIM do not.

    Some have advised me to root, others to root and then to flash with this or that other ROM, others to do nothing of all this but to use a simple unlocking code which you can buy online, others an even simpler "under the SIM" adapters etc..

    Some of these unlock my phone but not my Sim card and some viceversa but none solve both together!

    This is my situation:
    1. Locked hTC Desire HD with Softbank carrier (Japan) firmware.
    Locked Softbank carrier (Japan) USIM.
    Three other, unlocked, (Italian, US and UK) USIMs.
    Three other, UN-locked at origin, phones (Nokia N8, N86, N85)
    The hTC Desire HD (Softbank locked) + USIM (also Softbank locked) setup allows me FULL access to both the Softbank unlimited data plan and the Softbank voice traffic in Japan plus ROAMING in other countries as per contractual rules (and fees).
    The hTC Desire HD (Softbank Locked) + other carriers unlocked USIMs setup DOES NOT allow the phone to start (USIM INVALID ERROR).
    The Nokia (unlocked devices) + Softbank locked USIM setup allows me limited access to Softbank


  2. Guamguy

    Guamguy Android Expert

    Your problem is that you bought locked phones in the first place. I suspect you may have to root the phone, change to unlock and alter the firmware, turning the phone into a generic Desire HD. I'm not sure how, maybe others can guide you. If you brick the phone, chances are you won't have warranty however.

    The easiest way might be to spend. Find something to unlock them or get an unlocked Android. A Nexus One or S or South East Asian edition of HTCs (including Desire HD) that are bought without a contract and not from a carrier would do. Maybe some shop in Akihabara would have them.
  3. ascanio1

    ascanio1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    @ Guamguy,

    Yeah, I know. If I had bought an unlocked phone...

    A guy on another forum convinced me to go ahead telling me that "in the worst of cases you can root/flash your device, it's really easy!".

    I own some 6 phones, and I want to buy a Samsung T 10" next month. I'd rather not spend any mroe money on phones.

    But thanks for the advice. Anyone else can respond or offer any help? Please?

  4. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    Rooting really has nothing to do with unlocking and vice versa.

    Always consider the source. I personally wouldn't purchase based on one person's unverified comments.
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  5. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    Take a look at this site:

    How To Unlock HTC Desire HD

    Basically it recommends you to try to get an unlock code from your carrier. Obviously they may deny you; helps to have a friend on the inside...

    Some carriers will charge you (around $30) for the unlock code.

    Check out this thread over at xda:
    Unlocking The HTC Desire - xda-developers

    OP tries htccode.com. On Page 4, he reports success from that company.
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  6. ascanio1

    ascanio1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    @ Takeshi and Novox 77: thank you, I appreciate your help and time!

    From your 2 posts it looks like rooting has nothing to do with unlocking the phone and to unlock a phone all I need is an unlocking code. Cool. That's a first step. Thanks for the links! Very useful and clear! :)

    Can I also ask you to explain to me what root/flash/unlock-codes/Sim-adapter do? Why would you use one or the other? To do what? :thinking:

    I also want my Sim to work with other phones (including the carrier's unlimited data plan). Any ideas how to fix this? Will an unlock code void my phone warranty?

    Again, thanks!


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