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Controlling Android TV Dongle

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by nbuuifx, Dec 26, 2012.

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    I'm trying to find the best possible way to do what I want so would really appreciate some advice!

    I've ordered an Android TV dongle - a MK808.

    I want it to plug in to the TV and a have a bunch of the most watched films on a microSD card.

    I then want to have a USB port available to plug a pen drive in to allow me to watch films off the pen drive on the TV (The main TV in the house is also the oldest so has no USB port like the others)

    Finally I want it to be able to play films from a NAS drive which has DNLA setup.

    As an additional wish - it would be nice to mirror the screen of my nexus 7 on the big screen, or even better to have the whole nexus 7 screen as a keyboard/touchpad to control the MK808.

    So the goal I'm after is to have the Nexus 7 or one of our phones control the MK808.

    As I'm waiting for the MK808 to arrive, I've been testing by pretending the nexus 7 is the MK808 and trying to control it with my phone.

    I installed uBubblePnP and once it is running on the Nexus 7, I can use the same app on my phone to start films or songs or display photos on the Nexus 7. These files can be from sources local to the Nexus 7 or from the NAS drive via DLNA.

    The problems that I have come across so far are:

    a) The uBubblePnP app doesn't start automatically - is there anyway to make it start on boot up?

    b) I can't fast forward of rewind films etc, I can only start them/stop them.

    I've had a quick look at Droidmote but it require root and I've not rooted any of my devices.

    Anybody done similar? Any suggestions?

    I wanted to avoid buying a wireless airmouse/keyboard. I do have a wireless logitech mouse which I use with my laptop that could be used but I'd prefer to use another android device. I also want it as simple as possible so anyone in the family can use. I looked at VNC but that was a little tricky although not ruled out.

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