Sep 22, 2014
In the stock android main settings you can manually restrict background data for individual apps (though the settings menu prompts you that it is usually better to find the option for this within the app itself which clearly seems to be the android paradigm).

I don't see anyway though, to centrally control foreground data for individual apps. I.e. If I want an app that relies on an internet connection to refresh on WiFi only but the app itself doesn't have an option for this and I don'[t want to turn network data off completely (as I still want to use it for other apps). Other than just not opening that particular app does Android provide any way to handle this like iOS does?

Somewhat related is the new Hangouts app. On iOS I notice it provides an in-app setting to use WiFi only but the Android app does not seem to have this option (v2.3.75067996). Is there any particular reason for this? An architectural difference between Android and iOS maybe?