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convert pdf intensive site to app...

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by germ.sws, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. germ.sws

    germ.sws Newbie
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    so i have been tasked at work with seeing if there is a cost effective method way of implementing our paid membership website into an app and or mobile platform. so here i am. the reason we are looking into this is due to research showing that our site will "load" on a phone and tab, however, it is not fully functional. hyperlinking does not work on ICS or JB (evo 3d w/ virgin and Nexus 7). zoom cuts off portions of the page and you are unable to scroll to the edges of the pages to see the rest of the material. there is only one browser that has come close, and that was Dolphin w/ their PDF plugin. though because of the layout, some things are not optimized for a tablet or smartphone. i have also tried stock android browser, opera, firefox, chrome. none of them allowed hyperlinking in pdf.

    this is basically what the scoop is...

    we offer printed materials in paperback and online access through a membership based site that uses a pdf of the printed book material.

    we would like to offer an app for phones and tablets.

    the key points of the app/mobile site would be as follows...

    login with username and password
    2 membership options (base and premium/plus)
    order/payment option that links to our order page or order entry system
    single page viewing (full screen option if possible)
    single page downloading only (absolutely a must)
    tabs that link to other books (based on membership option listed above)
    hyperlinking is a MUST (our material reference different pages/forms/links and provides hyper links to that information)
    search feature that covers the entire database
    search feature that covers only the book that is currently open
    index/table of contents/keyword tab searching (easier to show than explain)

    these are the current options i am considering looking into....

    convert to mobile web site (seems like the easiest method but may have same issues as regular site on mobile devices, see above)
    convert pdf book to ebook (not ideal because i dont think the interface would work for the hyperlinking, searching, and tabs for other books. i could be wrong)
    convert to full fledged app (this is what i would like to do)

    other suggestions?

    if we move forward with this, we may also be looking at paying for the development of this as well. anyone interested?

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  2. dlhavema

    dlhavema Member

    What services/apis does your site currently have? Your site would have to offer some form of integrations with the mobile app to support the database searching, keywords on pdfs, downloading pdfs, etc.. Is this already in place?

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