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Converting a checked out SVN project into an Android Project (eclipse)

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by whitey, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. whitey

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    Hey guys --

    When I check out a project from SVN, it builds a directory as it should, except it does not include any Android libraries (as it shouldn't..). I'm wondering -- how do I build this directory to include Android OS libraries so I can launch it with the emulator?

    I thought I'd just have to import the project as an android project, but every time I do this i get an error saying "Invalid Project Description".

    Almost every developer does this, what am I doing wrong?


  2. orangic

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  3. thera

    thera Lurker

    hi i had the same problem this is what I did and the whole thing settled down.
    1. checkout the project from SVN as we normally do any other project
    2. right click and get properties of the project
    3. In the java build path->order and export tab select the android API and OK it

    this removed all the project issues
    so far so good but not sure if this is the 100% correct method

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