convince me to get the htc


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hi all

im due an upgrade the end of this month and am in two minds

either i get this phone or the samsung s4

ive never had a samsung-so couldnt comment although the reviews ive read are good

i previously owned an htc desire hd which was good if a bit clunky

ive heard mixed reviews about the htc one are the ultrapixels any good compared to megapixels would it affect picture taking?

i do want a decent camera but also a phone i can get along with

if any owners could give unbiased views that would be appreciated



I came from a long run of iPhones and I love the HTC One. Friends and family have the Galaxy S4 and yes there are a lot more gimmicky features on it but from I have seen the S4 is a little laggy even with all that grunt under the hood.

I have found the One to be very fluid, the call quality is brilliant ( for me at least ) and as far as the cameras are concerned I find the One to be just like any other camera... it has its pros and cons. Zoe is a great feature and you can have a lot of fun with it.

Ultimately its your decision which way you go. Maybe you need to look at them both in store, have a tinker with each and make your decision that way, but for me I would choose the One over the S4 any day!


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Fewer, larger pixels vs many smaller ones can make a difference. If you like to crop in to the middle of an image taken in good light, more pixels are your friend (which IMO makes them a good tool for reviews, where people are likely to zoom in to pixel level, but less important in real life). If you use the camera in poor lighting, larger pixels are what you need in order to collect as much light as you can. Image quality is determined by lens, sensor and image processing, and there's a good case for arguing that the pixel count is the least important factor. If you want to know more about the camera then this thread is the one to read: I'd also recommend the review of the One, as there's a lot on the camera in there.

My personal impression, having taken just a few pictures, is that it's a lot better than my previous phone's camera, but I've not done a lot with it so far, nor very systematically investigated the settings (or alternative camera apps).

Otherwise, what determines whether you can get along with the phone? I can tell you that you won't find the One clunky anyway :)