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Support Convinced Phone Hacked when Stolen

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by baystreet1985, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. baystreet1985

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    Dec 10, 2014

    Dec 10, 2014
    Long story short - my phone disappeared in a cab and it was returned a week later in a very bizarre way. I will list the red flags in an appendix at the bottom so that I can get to the point - but just assume I'm not being paranoid.

    I have done the following:
    - Called provider - apparently no suspicious activity reported, but I'll check again tomorrow. Checked to see if SIM was duplicated. Nothing to indicate.
    - Reviewed apps for suspicious apps (ie. SuperUser, etc.) - nothing significant found
    - Created dummy account and downloaded Root Checker - states phone was not rooted
    - Various checks for spyware. Nothing noted.

    Calling Canadian Anti Fraud line tomorrow as it sounds like this may be a spoofing story.

    Any other thoughts would be appreciated!

    Appendix - Paranoia check (appreciate it if you want the read):
    - Big red flag - when I was handed my phone, the backup & restore screen was up asking for username and password. The man said "all you need to do is enter your username and password and you will get all of your information back." Note that my phone was encrypted for work. This cab driver also appeared to be the dumbest person on earth and could not even keep a phone number straight. It was a very large struggle for him to find my address. In other words - I don't think he was a cab driver. Yet he was able to restore an encrypted phone.
    - I lost my phone in a cab. I called the cab company consistently for 3 days, and every day they said they spoke to the driver and he didn't have it. As my phone is encrypted and I left the following morning on vacation to a country with heavy roaming charges, I did not cancel or block as I wouldn't use it anyways. Probably dumb, I know, but I didn't. I do have my phone back.
    - On Day 7, a bunch of my contacts were called from my phone (I received facebook messages and emails to find this out). When he spoke with my roommate, the individual spoke with her for 15 minutes, almost as if trying to convince her that he was going to return it. She was very put off by it, thinking he was going to try and scam me for money for the phone.
    - I then called my phone, and a man answered. He muttered something, and another man came on the phone. He gave me a different story, but it was broken from the one he gave my roommate. He told her he had to buy a charger to charge my phone and needed $20 for it; the story he gave me was that he bought a charger but it didn't work and he used a friends, so I didn't need to pay him for it.
    - When he showed up, he called my roommate's phone from my phone number about 5 minutes previous.
    - When I received the phone, there was no call history or contacts on my phone. In other words - I don't know how he received my contacts or was calling me.
    - This is a coprorate phone and I was leaving a corporate xmas party. The corporation is very large and I have significant access to inside information, so it wouldn't take that much to put it together that there is potentially access to extremely valuable information. (This point is probably a bit paranoid - I'm aware!)


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