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Convincing a Crackberrian to switch to Droid...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dragonriot, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. dragonriot

    dragonriot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So, I have a friend who has a Curve for work, and a Pearl for personal use... His favorite of the two is the Pearl, as he for some reason loves the keyboard... He tells me he can type at 70+ words per minute on it, which I can believe since I type around 50wpm on the droid keyboard. He wants a new form factor for his phone, but he does use the BBs for work, and thinks they are the bee's knees... How do I convince him that for his personal phone, the Droid is the best choice for him to upgrade to?

    His arguments thus far have been:

    1. He has flash on his Blackberry.
    2. His web browser is fast.
    3. He can connect to 5 or 6 or however many exchange servers he wants.
    4. It's the most stable OS for phones no matter what.
    5. It's the most secure OS for phones no matter what.
    6. Apps are more customizable.
    7. The time of day radio signal quality can even be customized for better call quality depending on solar radiation...

    Help me beat his arguments... no matter what I say, he has something that he considers "better" on the Blackberry, even if it's not for work...

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  2. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    To be honest, I wouldn't even try. If he ends up not liking the Droid (like some users posting on this forum) it will be your fault for his suffering.
  3. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    He's not going to change unless he wants to. Let him use yours for an extended period of time...he'll have to determine whether or not the DROID meets his requirements.

    However if you're talking about "Adobe Flash", I doubt his BBerry has full Flash support. I believe only the n900 is rockin that right now.
  4. DjSmooth

    DjSmooth Well-Known Member

    Having been a BB Addict for some time I can give answer to a few of his statements.

    1- No Blackberry has Flash
    2- It is a well known fact that the BB Browser is the Worst Browser ever on a mobile device, and in no way will it stand a chance against Droid's native browser and definitely the Dolphin Browser.
    3- It (the BB) having the most stable OS is a joke, just poke around any BB Room and you will see countless updates (which normally mean in the BB World - hey we just tried to fix something on your current OS, it may be better and it may not) usually the later is the case.
    4- Yes, it is maybe the most secured OS (unless India :) wants to know how it works)
    5 - The App Store for the BB is 1- A joke and 2- too costly
    6 - Time of Day what? :0) WTH did that come from

    Not to mention that if he/she was truly a BB Fanatic than having and or preferring a Curve and or a Pearl says very little about one supposedly Love for the Best BB...
  5. dragonriot

    dragonriot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Oh, he WANTS a different phone, and wants a Droid, just doesn't think it can come close to to the functionality of his Blackberry...

    My advice to him was to go get a new one on a new contract, and if he doesn't like it, just return it in 30 days, and get something else.
  6. BucYouUp68

    BucYouUp68 Android Enthusiast

    Coming from a die hard ex BB user, the droid walks all over the blackberry. Not even in the same league.....Period.
  7. dragonriot

    dragonriot Newbie
    Thread Starter

    His Curve is issued by work, his Pearl is his personal phone.

    The Time of Day thing... he brought that up... just said he can adjust the power of the cellular radio based on the time of day so he gets better call quality... whatever... I have no idea.
  8. DjSmooth

    DjSmooth Well-Known Member

    I hear ya, The Droid is like having a "Blackberry Bold (The Speed of the Droid leaves the Bold in the Dust, the Screen of the Bold is excellent, but the Screen of the Droid is like HD Baby) and an Iphone (Cool Apps, Touch screen, and the Droid is even faster than the 3GS).

    So with the Droid you have the Blackberry Bold and the Iphone all wrapped up in one Device.
  9. AZDroid

    AZDroid Well-Known Member

    #1- false, no BB has flash support
    #2- he must not have tried the Droid browser. Opera mini is faster than the native BB browser, maybe that's what he's referring to. I think the Droid browser and Dolphin blow the BB browser and opera mini away...my opinion
    #3- I'm not an exchange user so can't comment.
    #4- I don't call memory leaks, self deleting messages and call logs, and an hourglass that spins as your phone is frozen a stable OS. But if you don't mind diligent memory management as a part of your daily ritual, especially on older models like the Pearl then it's great.
    #5- true, blackberry is tops in security.....no arguments there.
    #6- subjective, depends on the app I suppose, but I find my Droid quite customizable
    #7- WTH?????

    I had a Pearl and a Curve, I was nervous about giving up a familiar platform but my frustration with many blackberry shortcomings helped me make the jump. He has to be ready....I have no regrets about my switch to Droid, but it was time for me. I have a fellow BB addict friend who tried the Droid but only lasted about 10 days before going back to BB.

    Its all up to him, if he's happy, let him be
  10. aileendq

    aileendq Well-Known Member

    I convinced my friend, a former Curve owner, by letting her play with my phone for a while, and by showing her all the things it could do.

    She is now the happy (very!) owner of a Droid and is just as addicted as I am. Now instead of shopping we sit around comparing apps!
  11. Apeman

    Apeman Well-Known Member

    "7. The time of day radio signal quality can even be customized for better call quality depending on solar radiation..."

    WTH/F? Being a science geek, solar radiation can not be determined. It takes 8 minutes from light (The fastest thing in the unvierse) to get from the sun, to the Earth (93 million miles) It takes a slightly longer amount of time for the solar radiation (in the form of solar flares) to reach the Earth, can not be predicted and most of it is absorbed by Earth's electromagnetic field. Sounds like this guy is talking BS. No phone I have EVER heard of can ever "Change the phone signal strength" and even if that was possible, it would not compensate for any time/date crap or boost signal for any "solar radiation" issues.

    Anyways, Verizon and Sprint use CDMA. AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM. GSM=Satellites (Could have solar interference BUT it is very minor and can not be compensated for) and CDMA=Cell towers.

    Also, the Flash is BS. Dad owns a Storm, and it has NO support for flash, and a doubt that the others would if it didn't.
  12. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    Because after buying your phones and paying for the data plans you have no money for shopping? :D
  13. bruceo

    bruceo Android Enthusiast

  14. bruceo

    bruceo Android Enthusiast

    Actually i think Opera mini on the Droid is the fastest browser out there right now. A little quirky but awesome for general browsing and back buttoning.
  15. Apeman

    Apeman Well-Known Member

    Dolphin ftw. Multitouch browsing (Nice feature), downloads, youtube downloader, and a million other things! If you have other apps open, its pretty slow but if your just browsing, you are getting a great browsing experience!
  16. DjSmooth

    DjSmooth Well-Known Member

  17. hitdog042

    hitdog042 Well-Known Member

    He said his web browser is fast? I almost threw up in my mouth laughing at that one.

    I have owned every blackberry under the sun for Verizon, and the web browser is slow as a 300lb man in a 50 yard dash.

    He can download Opera Mini, but then pages don't render correctly half the time.

    Tell him to surf on your Droid and go to real html pages.

    Apps are more customizable? Oh man. Not even close. His points of argument outside of security and corporate email are not valid.

    That being said, it was hard for me to give up my crackberry. Something about them..... can't put my finger on it. I kept my storm and I go online and switch phones whenever I'm in blackberry envy. Problem solved.
  18. Headsong

    Headsong Member

    Actually, the very worst browser ever made is Blazer in Palm OS. Believe me.

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