Cool Stuff to do With Old Droid


So I just got a new HTC Droid DNA a few days ago and have been loving it. That leaves me with my old Motorola Droid X and I started thinking, what can I do with this? There must be something nifty I can do with this piece of tech (yes I did just use the word nifty).

Anyone out there know of cool things to do with an old phone like make it a bootable hard drive and put Ubuntu on it or something?

I will probably donate it in a few months but I wanted to give myself a project and hopefully show off to friends in the process.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

Should mention that I have rooted my Droid X.


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Hm, while I was reading thru your post, I was thinking, "root it!", and then I saw your last sentence :p

You can always flash different roms for it or perhaps unroot it, then reroot it or something.

Or you can brick it and try to unbrick it! Just kidding:p :)

Or sell it?
I dunno..just throwin out some nifty ideas..(see that? nifty:) )


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Hey Kyle

I stumbled across your post and thought KEEP IT! hehe you probably have a backup phone already though, just remember that phones malfunction sometimes and accidents do happen. So have a backup solution because people have become dependent on their phones.

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