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coolpad note 5 flashing issues

Discussion in 'Android Rooting' started by hari prashad, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. hari prashad

    hari prashad Member
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    Dec 27, 2016
    @scary alien thanks for reply in my previous questions , I installed twrp and rooted mobile, I will post thread first in this site for rooting but I have a serious problem can you look on it
    please help me , i am not a developer ,my mobile twrp which un official version and with least support or no support , creating serious problem, it flashes normally, twrp booted normally ,i tired root flashing in it, backup through it. but problem is this when i booted to system from twrp , i am unable to boot to system at all . also then if i off my phone then normal system booting also not possible. it goes to twrp directly. i thought its problem of system less root , refreshed boot.img and also restored backup through twrp but failed to boot system, then i have to install stock rom through official tool, then again do the same process for root, then again flashed twrp but again same problem till then i not rooted even. could only boot twrp or boot loader. boot loader lock itself after boot to system or recovery
    i don't know what is causing this . stock recovery has no problem . also sometimes it booted to system from twrp also , but mostly failed as much i tried it falied and if failed then i have to flash full rom . i dont know what is wrong


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  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary

    Mar 5, 2010
    space alien ;)
    Posts moved / merged in here from the other threads...

    @hari prashad, I'm not sure what you've got going on or what to suggest to you to fix the issues you're reporting...

    For the benefit of other folks that might read and reply in here, it would be helpful if you clarified a couple of things:

    1. I'm assuming these issues are indeed for your Coolpad Note 5, correct?

    2. Where did you obtain your unofficial version of TWRP for your device? Can they not help you there? Are you sure it's built specifically for your device? If not, this may be the root of your issues (no pun intended)...

    3. Is your bootloader unlocked (it's not clear to me from your other thread)

    4. Which exact version of SupeSU did you flash (and where did you get it)?

    5. You didn't mention doing any wipes in the above-did you do any and at what point did you do them?

    I've no experience with your specific device, so all I can do (and have done above and in your other thread) is give general direction or information that is device-independent.

    Detail and specificity are the key here.

    You're reporting an awful lot of things, so it's near impossible to tell you where to start.

    Start with your device's current state/status and what you want to accomplish from there.

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